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Ask the Sky Team
If I buy a Skyminer and I am the only node in my local area, when we start using dishes, will my node become obsolete? Can a miner without a local network continue to participate in the network?

I'm wondering if I can purchase the official skyminer power distribution pcb's or gain access to the pcb design to get some manufactured in the US?  I have the hardware to build 4 miners that are  identical to the official miners' hardware and construction.  I am also working on a Raspberry Pi 3b model in my non official/official frame.

Thank you in advance for your attention. 

I have a few questions about my DIY skywire setup. I am using Odroid C2s (Armbians). Main question is, should I worry about the Manager node appearing to be offline in the Web App, as well as the Manager node being listed twice, with different keys? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The following is a short history and noted behavior. Thank you.

I followed the guide from Tetragravity on Steemit, and had some trouble getting the nodes online. Then Zanshi on Discord provided some script and viola, all the nodes came online. Then after system and software updates and info about changes to the reward system last month, I found out all of my nodes were online, however, none were running the Skywire service. On Telegram, asxtree suggested manually installing the service on my Manager and other nodes. After installing the service on my Manager node, my Manager node went offline. The symbolic link command failed from the guide, I noted. Also, my Manager node shows twice in the incognito web app with TWO different keys. I verified the keys in the Skywire folder for the "node" to be correct (node, ss, discover keys are all different, I noted). I had re-flashed all of my nodes a few months earlier, and one of the keys listed as one of the two different Manager keys is an OLD key from the re-flash. So then I thought to
check the Whitelist page, and the first key is the correct Manager key. 

My manager appears to be down, after I manually installed the Skywire service using this link: 
Here's the image of the Web app with the different Master node keys (IP ending in .11):

[Image: status.png]

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