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CX Installation (Noobs & Newbies)
(09-14-2018, 05:10 AM)Docukno Wrote:
(09-13-2018, 09:32 PM)I Am You Wrote:
(09-13-2018, 04:53 AM)Docukno Wrote: I have been (and still am) struggling to find a hassle-free, "noob"-friendly, first-time-work, clear, unambiguous description of a CX installation process for Windows 10 (and Windows 7 for my secondary laptop) which includes a simple editor as well. 

All the descriptions I have tried come with ambiguous and or incomplete and or vague instructions and or assume that the user has other existing IDE's in place. Nothing for a complete noob who wants to try a new programming paradigm 'afforded' by CX! After all, CX (like Skywire) is key to Skycoin's success.



I just got back from talking with the CX Dev

This is what he told me to pass on:

Quote:I am very very aware about the Windows instructions not being great. My biggest problem is that whenever I try to install Windows on a fresh virtual machine, I always get it right the first time. Now, this doesn't mean the instructions are 100% clear or that they should work for everyone (they don't, being you one of the many exceptions). What I need is more people like you to try installing CX on Windows, and to provide feedback about their experience.

I invite you to submit a Github issue here:

Just hit the "New issue" button and provide as much information as you can about your problem.

Someone is trying to help me with the improvement of the Windows installation. I guess I need to tackle this problem myself, or at least get back to helping with the issue. I will reinstall a virtual machine tonight and see what I can do.

Also I'm going to be releasing binaries soon so people don't have to be compiling!

Please keep in mind CX is meant for experienced developers currently as its still in early stages. Its good that you want to learn it and get it up and running but there will be issues if your not a dev by nature.

I hope this helped and Good luck!

I think I'll rather not comment on your  "....for experienced developers......" narrowmindedness. New paradigms are not shaped by the "experienced" ONLY, in fact, it's the 'experience' that inhibits the greatness of a new direction and often sends a promising idea(s) to its undeserving early grave....

That is true provided your on a new frontier of tech. CX is a Programming language in its early stages. There are things that may not work or may not work as intended. Its still in its development stage.

The reason why its advertised to "experienced developers" currently, is because there is little to no "beginner" documentation available. Some things may not work as intended and people need to be able to identify when the language is not working correctly vs when the user is at fault. To get your application finished you may need to do some extra steps to get around an issue that raises its head.

The Dev's want and are asking for user feedback and will continue to do so. And if you as a beginner want to embark on getting CX working and writing applications in it that is very much welcomed, but you need to be aware that as a beginner coder its not going to be easy.

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