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How to change Mac Address in Orange Pis

so I have prepared my nodes (Orange Pi Win Plus) to find out that their Mac Addresses are the same, meaning I can only run a manager and a node individually even if they are connected to the same router. 

There are ways to change the Mac Address on Linux, but none seems permanent, or works properly after a boot up. Has anybody encounter this issue and know how to solve it? Also, would my scenario be a valid whitelisting candidate (several managers+nodes connected to the same router?).
Hey, have you managed to get your Orange Pi Win Plus working. I am thinking of buying these cards but I have not come across a thread where somebody can confirm that they have actually got them working.
Here is a fix I was DM'ed. Credit goes to tbfizzle

I have not done this as I don't have a Win Plus so I say use at your own risk. Ill help where possible

Quote: I have the win plus as well, only a few of the images that I used the gave me the same MAC addresses on all the pi’s. The image you have is the image that i’m using. Not the best because of the kernel. But the best one I could find.

if you cannot connect to one of your pis just reboot your router. Running 2 devices with the same MAC address will cause them to not connect as you’ve figured out and rebooting will take care of it.

I have been giving my pis the same last two digits for the IP address and the MAC address
1st pi’s IP 1st pi's MAC XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:61

Here are the steps for changing the MAC address reliably:
Start up your first pi and Login as root
Then open this file

$nano /etc/network/interfaces

Begin modifying the file on the no-auto-down line

#no-auto-down eth0
iface eth0 inet static. (Set to static)
address 192.168.XX.61. (Set IP address of PI)
gateway 192.168.XX.XX (Set Router Address)
hwaddress ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:61 (Add this line with MAC ADDR)
dns-nameservers (router address)

While your at it Turn off root ssh

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Edit file to turn off root ssh

Shut down the pi and remove the card.
Put your next card into the same pi but this time, obviously, set different IP and MAC addresses, turn off root ssh, shutdown…rinse, repeat.
It might be useful for you to label your cards because they will have the IP and MAC associated with them.
When your done it would be best to fire all your pi’s up, go into your router and set the static IP addresses there.
you'll be login in as the user you set up first after this

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