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Move a wallet to a new computer?

I am trying to move my skycoin to a laptop. When downloading the .WIT file from the first computer it shows a a .json file. 

What do I do with this file on the laptop in order to import the private key?

Ok, I tried again and found how this is done:

* Open the .json file and copy the 12 words.
* Go into "add wallet" on the notebook skycoin software.
* Delete the suggested seed and paste in the 12 words from the .json file.
* Done! You can now see the amount of Skycoin you have imported to new wallet Smile
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Glad you got it working Smile Be sure your seed is absolutely secured - in the unlikely event the program misbehaves, restarting will fix it and IMO you probably don't want to be relying solely on your clipboard... ever.

My favorite wisdom regarding data storage: "If it doesn't exist in at least two places, it doesn't exist."

Semi-related: The paranoid have uninstalled the desktop client once their seed is secured because it's not encrypted yet. AFAIK dev efforts are concentrated on the upcoming testnet, and IMO that's a good thing.
Thanks for that info.

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