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My review of the official miner
Finally have my miner completely set up and been running for a few days now.

Thus far I am reasonably impressed. I am already streaming 4k over the VPN service, with only a few stutters.

It was very easy to set up - had the hardware set up weeks ago, and the software only took about a day to get it running, and then a few days testing things to make sure I was ready to submit my keys and for the testnet. Wish I had the time to do it a few weeks ago.
I will definitely think about buying another or making DIY miners for family. The VPN is great.

Some comments for troubleshooting:
1) When I use cisco anyconnect to log into my work network, I can no longer access the node manager page
2) The router seems buggy and needs to be reset often
3) Doing anything too fast seems to make it all crash

I hope over the next few years we can get a few 1000 regular users of skywire. Then I think the meshnet will take care of itself organically without the sky team directing it all
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My 2 cents about the official miner

- Enough extra parts for each part
- The boltdriver tool didn't fit at all
- Only got a 100Mbit router which is way too insufficient for the future
- No manual in the box
- No reaction from after mailing them about parts

Be sure to take out a full day to build the miner and ask for some help at some points. The manual to build it is pretty solid and easy to understand. I used the official system images.
The build feels solid, but it does not reflect the price of 1BTC (for me). Especially because i did not received my rebate SKY's yet while i have the miner already for a few days at home.

The network part is a bit tricky when your house is loaded with routers/switches/AP's. So be sure to read all manuals you can find about network related stuff and follow them. But when it runs, it runs. If your network has a router or switch which runs on it automatically reconfigured it to So if you cant connect to x.x.0.1, then check the gateway of your networkcard to see what the IP of the router is.
Hi, would you say it is worth buying or building your own...or waiting for the 2nd gen miner?  Also did they tell you what price for the rebate of Skycoins and when they are going to send them to you.....?


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