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Pine A64 DIY Miner
The Pine A64 Mini PC matches the spec of the skyminer orange pi prime boards (64Bit Quad-core CPU with 2GB RAM). They cost $32 a board ($40 with a case) and work perfectly as a DIY miner. I've personally built a pine miner and are really happy with the build quality and performance. A big thanks to Christian Ott for suggesting them

To assist the community, I've created some Armbian images (below) which will help to quickly configure a 1 to 8 node miner. All images have the latest skywire version installed and all nodes have scripts that autostart at boot and connect to the monitor node


Mini-PC Board


Power cable

5V 2A USB wall charger required per board. For multiple boards, a powerful USB charging station is required

If you want to build something that matches the official skyminer, buy a clusterboard with 7x A64 modules and an extra Pine A64 mini-pc board


Clusterboard Power Supply - also supports an ATX PSU

A64 Modules

Mini ITX case

16GB MicroSD cards required for each module / board

Pre-configured A64 skywire images 

(Use 7zip or winrar to extract the .img files and Win32DiskImager to flash them to the sd card)

**These images are for the Pine A64 LTS Mini-PC board and Sopine Module. Default root password is armbian1234

Monitor Node (
Node 1 (
Node 2 (
Node 3 (
Node 4 (
Node 5 (
Node 6 (
Node 7 (

Pine A64 Board

[Image: PINEA64_LTS_sideimg.jpg]

Pine A64 Sopine Module

[Image: SOPINE_A64_Module.jpg]

Pine Clusterboard 

[Image: PINEA64-Cluster-Board.jpg]
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savage work really good stuff! with custom images and all. Love it
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so the advantage to this set up is the lack of ethernet hardware? or is there something i am missing
(08-15-2018, 04:16 AM)boatman Wrote: so the advantage to this set up is the lack of ethernet hardware? or is there something i am missing

You will still need a router. The pre-configured images automate the process of installing and configuring skywire

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