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Pine A64 DIY Miner
(10-16-2018, 07:14 PM)dobby Wrote: Hi,

The build of Christian ott does not contain the extra pine 64 monitor, he probably sacrificed his seventh module for this. It's probably possible to insert the monitor node sd card into the first pine and leave the last one out? This would be a more compact build in a atx case and would not include an extra external pine box. Would you recommend such a build or are there downsides?

Christian's build has 7 nodes. He could have had 8 if he connected a Pine A64 Mini-PC board to his monitor node

My suggestion is to configure an 8 board miner. The more nodes you have, the more skycoin you earn

If you go the 8 node route, the clusterboard can power the 8th (external Pine A64 Board node) using one of its USB ports
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