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Skywire Network Rewards
'We will set the total cap of the OTC sale to bring Skycoin’s distributed percentage to be between 10% and 15%. Currently, Skycoin is at 6%. The remainder is reserved for the Skywire network subsidy, until we hit the 25% timelock cap and enter a maximum 5% per year distribution.'

What is the current reward for running a node in the Skywire network?

What are the future rewards for running a node or a skyminer or anything that supports the network?

I see that 10-15% will be distributed among the Skywire network are there any estimates over what period of time this will be?  I know it is until it reaches 25% distribution but are there plans to say how long this will take?
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Is there any update on this from the Skycoin Team??
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