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  Cryptocurrecny leverage trading
Posted by: Devids - 01-20-2020, 08:40 AM - Forum: CryptoCurrency - No Replies

Does anybody know platform or site fore cryptocurrency leverage trading?

I would like to find best one.

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  Skywug forum upgraded
Posted by: skyguy - 12-24-2019, 05:37 PM - Forum: Miscellaneous - No Replies

Hi all. I've updated the Skywug forum software. Please respond here if you experience any issues. Thanks

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  [ANN] cpuminer-opt v3.10.2, open source optimized multi-algo CPU miner
Posted by: Monet - 12-10-2019, 02:36 PM - Forum: CryptoCurrency - No Replies

This is the home of cpuminer-opt, The optimized CPU miner.


Source code and Windows binaries can be downloaded from mega.

New in v.3.10.2 realese - download


AVX512 added for bmw512, c11, phi1612 (phi), qubit, skunk, x11, x11gost (sib).

Fixed c11 AVX2 invalid shares.


AVX512 for blake2b, nist5, quark, tribus.

More broken lane fixes, fixed buffer overflow in skein AVX512, fixed
quark invalid shares AVX2.

Only the highest ranking feature in a class is listed at startup, lower ranking
features are available but no longer listed.


AVX-512 is now supported on selected algos, Windows binary is now available.
AVX-512 optimizations are available for argon2d, blake2s, keccak, keccakc, skein & skein2.

Fixed CPU temperature for some CPU models (Linux only).

Fixed a bug that caused some lanes not to submit shares.

Fixed some previously undetected buffer overflows.

Lyra2rev2 3% faster SSE2 and AVX2.

Added "-fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables" to AVX512 build script for Windows to fix known mingw issue.

New in v3.9.11

Added x22i & x25x algos.

Blake2s 2% faster AVX2 with Intel CPU, slower with Ryzen v1, v2 ?

New in v3.9.10

Faster X* algos with AVX2.
Small improvements to summary stats report.


1. A x86_64 architecture CPU with a minimum of SSE2 support. This includes Intel Core2 and newer and AMD equivalents.
In order to take advantage of AES_NI optimizations a CPU with AES_NI is required. This includes Intel Westmere and newer
and AMD equivalents. Further optimizations are available on some algos for CPUs with AVX and AVX2, Sandybridge and
Haswell respectively.

32 bit CPUs and ARM CPUs are not supported.

2. 64 bit Linux OS. Ubuntu and Fedora based distributions, including Mint and Centos are known to work and have all
dependencies in their repositories. Others may work but may require more effort.

64 bit Windows OS is supported using the pre-compiled binaries package or may be compiled with mingw_w64 and msys.

Apple and Android operating systems are not supported.

Older CPUs, other architectures and operating systems may be supported by TPruvot's cpuminer-multi.

Security warning

Miner programs are often flagged as malware by antivirus programs. This is a false positive, they are flagged simply
because they are cryptocurrency miners. The source code is open for anyone to inspect. If you don't trust the software,
don't use it.

Some cryptographic code has been taken from trusted sources but has been modified for speed at the expense of
accepted security practices. This code should not be imported into applications where secure cryptography is


Cryptonight and variants are no longer supported.

Neoscrypt crashes on Windows, use legacy version.

Hodl requires a CPU with AES, use legacy version if without.

Benchmark testing does not work on several algos.


cpuminer-opt has no fees of any kind but donations are accepted.

BTC: 12tdvfF7KmAsihBXQXynT6E6th2c2pByTT

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  XMR-STAK-RX - Free RandomX miner v1.0.1 (0% dev fee)
Posted by: Monet - 12-08-2019, 07:08 PM - Forum: CryptoCurrency - No Replies

Quote:Free RandomX miner v1.0.0 (0% dev fee) for RandomX algorithm family

Currently supported: randomxrandomx_lokirandomx_wow for CPU / AMD / Nvidia with built-in auto switcher to switch on RX on monero fork.

Release link: XMR-STAK-RX 1.0.1


1. I appreciate your efforts in providing us a good mining software like XMR-STAK-RX for free. I'm currently mining Loki (Randomx) and it is working really good, I'm getting far better results with XMR-STAK-RX as compare to other mining software.
Keep up the good work.

2. recent comparision:
xmr-rig-b (5.0.3) - 525 h/core
xmr-stak (1.0.1) - 450 h/core
keep trying to improve, RyoCurrency

Bugfix and minor update of Xmr-Stak-RX free RandomX miner.

- Correct authors of RandomX mining code #2551
- fix hwloc warning #2556
- fix ignored tls on first start #2558
- fix miner benchmark mode #2561
- NVIDIA: fix auto adjustment #2567

Pre-fork instructions
... helps to switch from Monero cryptonight_r to randomX automatically during the fork.
rx-switcher is killing all xmr-stak instances on your system and starts automatically xmr-stak-rx as soon as the Monero network is forking to the POW randomX.
ATTENTION: If you are using xmr-stak instances to mine other coins those instances will be closed too.

This is what you must do:

  1. unzip the pre-compiled binaries into a new folder (do not reuse your old xmr-stak folders)
  2. keep your old version of xmr-stak running on Monero
  3. copy the files config.txt and pools.txt from 2. to the folder from 1. where rx-switcher and xmr-stak-rx is located
  4. change the currency in pools.txt to "currency" : "randomx",
  5. do NOT copy cpu.txt, nvidia.tx or amd.txt, due to new memory requirements for randomX you must generate new config files to avoid that the miner crashes on the first start.
  6. run rx-switcher
  7. as soon as the Monero network is forking xmr-stak will be stopped and xmr-stak-rx will automatically start
  8. after the network forked we suggest to start xmr-stak-rx directly and not use `rx-switcher anymore
If you do not like to mine Monero/RandomX after the fork with your GPU start xmr-stak-rx once before the fork and let the miner create the amd.txt and/or nvidia.txt configurations. Edit both files and set "gpu_threads_conf" : [ ], to disable the gpus.

Necessary prerequisites for Windows
If the application does not start properly, please make sure that Visual Studio libraries are installed.

Anti-virus detection
All miners are detected as viruses. Please add the binary as an exception.

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  T-Rex 0.14.6 NVIDIA GPU miner with web monitoring page and auto-updates
Posted by: Monet - 12-07-2019, 03:04 PM - Forum: CryptoCurrency - No Replies

T-Rex miner for modern NVIDIA GPUs - Maxwell and newer

Supported algorithms:
GLT algos: astralhash, jeonghash, padihash, pawelhash

Runs on both Linux and Windows.

T-Rex 0.14.6

T-Rex supports command line arguments similar to that of ccminer:
t-rex -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://eu.minermore com:4501 -u <wallet> -p x
t-rex -a mtp -o stratum+tcp://xzc.2miners com:8080 -u <wallet> -p x

To get the full list of supported options run:
t-rex -h

Dev fee
Dev fee is set to 1% (3% for Tensority). When the miner starts and stops mining dev fee it reports it to the console output.

Release notes
Bug fixes:
* (Windows) High CPU usage on NVIDIA drivers 431+
* (Linux) SSL connections not working on HiveOS
* (Linux) "T-Rex instance wasn't validated" error despite firewall allowing all connections
* CUDA 9.1/9.2 versions of the miner will no longer work with RTX (Compute Capability 7.5+) cards
This is done because RTX cards either hash slower or don't work correctly (depending on the algo) on these versions, producing "result for ... does not validate on CPU" errors. Use the version built with CUDA 10.0 instead.

* Add x16rv2 algorithm (upcoming RVN fork)
* Add ability to auto-switch mining algorithm using new --fork-at parameter:
RVN fork: --fork-at x16rv2=2019-10-01T16:00:00
See the help file for more details

Tensority nonce fix for antpool (BTM)

Bug fixes:
(URGENT) Tensority max nonce limit (BTM)
"Unregistered stratum method" error on some pools

Add tensority algorithm (RTX cards, 3% dev fee) - used by Bytom coin
Add dedal algorithm back (removed in previous versions)
Add SSL support (url scheme should be ssl, e.g. "stratum+ssl://veil-eu.coinblockers com:4244")

Cosmetic changes and bug fixes:
Watchdog displays GPU restart stats
Miner restart automatically performed by the watchdog after an update no longer increases the WD restart counter
Fix miner shutdown API command when invoked with watchdog enabled

Improve MTP by 1-3% on some cards
Add ability to view T-Rex log file in the web browser
Fix benchmark (regression)

Add honeycomb algorithm (Beenode coin)
Fix "GPU ... is idle" error when there is a pool connection problem

Significant x25x speed increase
Remove dedal algo

New features:
Use environment variables in config files. Use %YOUR_ENV_VAR% in any config file field and it will substitute it with the value of YOUR_ENV_VAR environment variable set in your system

Bug fixes:
Temperature limit bug (GPU got disabled if there was problems with NVML)
P2pool fix
Show NVML errors and unsupported features
Truncate MTP share log message when using --protocol-dump
Fix start-up failure in some cases for CUDA 9.1 builds

Add x25x algo (will be used by SUQA/SIN after the fork)

Bug fixes (built-in watchdog):
Miner fails to start when using Windows task scheduler or Awesome Miner
Miner restarts on Linux/Hive OS
Preserve a single log file across miner restarts

NOTE: Using built-in watchdog is encouraged. If you experience any issues with it, please let us know

Add MTP algo (Zcoin)
Add Tesla P100 support
Add built-in watchdog (can be disabled using --no-watchdog parameter)
Default network timeout increased from 3 to 5 minutes
New parameter --hide-date to hide date part of the timestamp in the console
Prevent Windows from going to sleep mode while T-Rex is running

Bug fixes:
"does not validate on CPU" error on RTX cards (CUDA 10 builds)
Long dev fee sessions if system clock "jumps"
GPUs keep hashing even if the pool connection is lost

Add support for GIN (x16rt)
Cosmetic changes:
1) New parameter --ab-indexing to enable Afterburner-like GPU indexing
2) Web-monitoring page enhancements

Bug fixes:
CentOS 7 compatibility issue

Add algos: x16rt (Veil), sha256q (Pyrite)
Minor performance improvements for x16r, bcd, x22i and other x16-like algorithms
Multiple web monitoring page improvements
* Switch between multiple config files dynamically (put your *.config files into the miner directory)
* Dark theme
Linux watchdog is now available.

Bug fixes:
cURL/SSL compatibility issue on newer Linux distros (Ubuntu 18, Debian 9)
Miner wouldn't start if NVML wasn't installed

Performance improvements: +2-3% for x16 family of algorithms (x16r, bcd, x17, x22i etc.)
Add config parameter: --no-nvml - Disable NVML GPU stats.
Display miner version next to "Uptime" info.

Fix "result for ... does not validate on CPU!" errors on x21s and dedal

Add algos: astralhash, jeonghash, padihash, pawelhash (used by GlobalToken, can be mined at
Performance improvements: a few percent to x16r family of algorithms, skunk, x22i
Highlight GPU temperatures in green/yellow/red. Temperature ranges are configured with --temperature-color parameter

Bug fixes:
Invalid shares on Dedal for some hashorders
Not identifying a found block when mining x22i

Performance improvements: x22i +5%

Performance improvements: x22i +1-4%

New algo: x21s (Ritocoin).
New config parameter: --sharerate-avr - Sliding window length in seconds used to compute sharerate (default: 600).

New algo: dedal
Improve x22i: +1-3%
Fix skunk performance issue introduced in 0.8.1

Performance improvements: x22i +10-20%

Bug fixes:
Miner hangs on start up when it doesn't receive authorize message response

New algo: geek (GeekCash coin)
Performance improvements (1-3%) of x16-like algorithms for GTX/RTX cards.
Added watchdog. Replace "t-rex.exe" with "watchdog.exe" in your bat file in order to use it.
Watchdog lets you update T-Rex using the monitoring web page or perform auto-updates if launched with "--autoupdate" parameter, and also restarts the miner if it hangs for any reason.
Default value for "-N" paramater increased from 30 to 60 seconds.
Added "shares per minute" stats read-out.

Bug fixes:
"stratum+tcp://" pool URL prefix is no longer mandatory
Reduce CPU load when using large "-N" parameter values
"Clean jobs" feature removed in the previous release is back
Hung on Ctrl+C in Windows

Minor performance improvements for skunk and x16 family of algorithms for Pascal and Turing cards

Bug fixes:
Crashes 20 sec after dev fee session when using -r 0
Temporary backed out "clean job" feature that was causing rejects on some pools e.g. beepool and bitpoolmining
Fix average hashrate reporting when using large -N values (over -N 4294)

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  GrinGoldMiner Windows mining 3.0
Posted by: Monet - 12-04-2019, 05:42 PM - Forum: CryptoCurrency - Replies (1)

So new GGM is out. Let us share stats and rig specs with windows version of the miner

Grin Cuckoo Miner. Contribute to GrinGoldMiner development by creating an account.

Download link GGM v.3.0

I have managed to start three rigs
Rig 1. 6x 1080TI on Corei3-8100 CPU (4 core no HT)
Rig 2 5x 1080&1070TI on celeron CPU
Rig 3 5x R9 390 on AMD A6-6400 (slower than celeron)

Key takeaways:
1)It seems to me that celeron can only carry 3-4 cards, 4+ it starts to throttle. AMD A6-6400 won’t even start more than 2 cards.
2)You need 8 gigs of virtual memory per card otherwise not all cards work. 48 gigs per 6 card rig
3)R9 390 RX 480 8gb and vegas are in play now though 2x slower compared to

Windows mining speeds
some preliminary testing results.

GPU Speed GPS Power, W
1080TI 4.6 250
1080TI 3.8 165
1080 3.5 120
1070TI 3.1 110
Vega 3.0 n.a.
RX580 2.0 n.a.
R9390 1.0 n.a

Result other user:

1. rig with 4xVega 64, tuned for cryptonight algo. Running the beta GGM, all cards are running.
Each Vega is getting ~2.05gps. Total power from the wall is ~580W, or approx. ~110W/Vega

2. running windows 10 and have 1 AMD RX 580 - 8 GB. I am getting 0.9 gps.

3. GeForce GTX 1070 on Windows 10 with i5 is mining at 2.8 gps

GrinGoldMiner 3.0 - for hard-fork 7/2019

New release only for the new Cuckarood29 PoW (Grin hard-fork 17.7.2019). This release integrates all speed improvements of GrinPro2 miner.

Release contains two scripts to start the miner. One is simple console miner and the other starts local REST API for remote rig monitoring (the latter is compatible with GrinPro API).

Mainnet GrinGoldMiner 2.9

Nvidia 6GB cards and AMD 8GB cards supported. 6GB cards in Windows10 may not work as Windows steals some of the memory.


  • Improved stratum connection code

  • Implemented tweaks based on miner from eth_saver (faster amd and slightly less CPU usage)

  • Additional settings for primary stratum reconnect - new option in config to optionally reconnect from backup back to primary pool after X minutes. Either let miner generate new config or just add ReconnectToPrimary

  • Fixed minor bugs
Requires .NET Core 2.2 installed!

Restart your PC after you install .NET Core Runtime and the miner (config setup)

Known bugs:

GPU auto-detection can fail - use manual config
Low virtual memory is hard to report and will leave some GPUs in fault state

Mainnet GrinGoldMiner 2.8

Nvidia 6GB cards and AMD 8GB cards supported. 6GB cards in Windows10 may not work as WIndows steals some of the memory.

  • 6GB CUDA solver for nvidia cards (also allows RTX 8GB mining on Win10)

  • Better graph-rate on nvidia cards

  • New logging options in config (disable logging completely, delete old logs)

  • Bugfixes
Requires .NET Core 2.2 installed!

Restart your PC after you install .NET Core Runtime and the miner (config setup)

Known bugs:

GPU auto-detection can fail - use manual config
Low virtual memory is hard to report and will leave some GPUs in fault state

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  WildRig Multi 0.20.1: AMD miner with multialgo support
Posted by: Monet - 12-02-2019, 05:55 PM - Forum: CryptoCurrency - No Replies

Quote:WildRig Multi 0.20.1 beta

This is further development of original WildRig with support for new algorithms, different stratum protocol and only for AMD gpu's.

Mining almost all these algorithms that WildRig Multi support isn't the same thing as mining Cryptonight family or Ethereum. These algo's more power consuming and core intensive, especially something like x16r. So please, make sure your PSU's are good enough, GPU's are rock stable and voltage for them set well. Low core voltage won't work here in most cases. If you get any instability - start from stock and find your optimal settings.

Download for Windows
dependencies: Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 x64

Download for Linux
dependencies: amdgpu-pro driver

HiveOS: check update for HiveOS, it should provide latest version.

- any report is welcome! [Image: smiley.gif]

- GCN 2nd gen: R7 260, R9 290, R9 295X2, R7 360, R9 390
- GCN 3rd gen: R9 285, R9 380, R9 Fury, R9 Nano
- GCN 4th gen: RX460, RX470, RX480, RX550, RX560, RX570, RX580, RX590
- GCN 5th gen: Vega 11, Vega 56, Vega 64, Radeon VII(but need some changes for better performance)
- RDNA 1st gen: Radeon 5700, Radeon 5700XT. Partial support for limited amount of algorithms

Pitcairn, Tahiti and other old cards of GCN 1st gen(like HD 78x0, HD 79x0, R7 265, R9 270, R9 280, R9 370, etc.) are not supported and won't be, because they are too old and need additional work.

Tested on my cards with auto parameters. OS: Windows 7; Used drivers: 19.2.3 Cards are modified this way(using OverdriveNTool 0.2.8 beta 1):
R9 290X: XFX R9 290X DD 4GB, stock clocks(1000Mhz/1250Mhz)
R9 380X: Sapphire R9 380X NITRO 4Gb, stock clocks(1040Mhz/1500Mhz)
RX550: ASUS RX550 2Gb, stock clocks(1183Mhz/1750Mhz), timings from 1500 strap(Hynix)
RX560: MSI RX560 Aero ITX 4Gb, stock clocks(1196Mhz/1750Mhz), 925mV core voltage, timings from 1500 strap(Hynix)
RX570: GIGABYTE RX570 GAMING 4Gb, stock clocks(1244Mhz/1750Mhz), 950mV core voltage, timings from 1500 strap(Elpida)
RX580: SAPPHIRE RX580 PULSE 4Gb, stock clocks(1340Mhz/1750Mhz), 1025mV core voltage, timings from 1500 strap(Elpida)
RX590: SAPPHIRE RX590 NITRO+ 8Gb, stock clocks(1560Mhz/2100Mhz), 1050mV core voltage, custom timings(Hynix)
Vega 64: ASUS Vega 64 8Gb, stock clocks(1630Mhz/945Mhz), 1000mV core voltage. While mining it drops clocks to 1530/945

For some algorithms lower core clocks specified because of exceeding power limit.
NOTE: Update in progress.

bitcore, x16r, x16rv2, x16rt, x16s, x21s: these algorithms benchmarked with hashorder "0123456789ABCDEF". With pool you will get higher and lower values, depends on hashorder
hex: this algorithm benchmarked with BLAKE as first algo. With pool you will get higher and lower values, depends on hashorder of current block.
timetravel: this algorithm benchmarked with hashorder "012345678". With pool you will get higher and lower values, depends on hashorder and length of it for current block.
wildkeccak is memory hard algorithm, so better your timings and higher memory clocks - higher your hashrate

another supported algorithms, but not benchmarked because of low interest or they just ASIC mineable:
- aergo, anime
- blake2b-btcc, blake2b-glt, blake2s, bmw512
- exosis
- glt-astralhash, glt-globalhash, glt-jeonghash, glt-padihash, glt-pawelhash
- lyra2v2
- nist5
- quark, quibit
- renesis
- sha256, sha256d, skein2
- x11, x12, x13, x14, x15, x18, x20r

Since version 0.15.2 parameters --opencl-threads and --opencl-launch set automatically when you put auto. If you want to try different values to find probably better performance, you can start from values shown below each GPU initialization line.
E.g. lines below means --opencl-threads 2 --opencl-launch 21x0. Where --opencl-launch consist of Intensity x Worksize.
Code: (log)
[2019-02-08 14:20:05] GPU #1 [BusID: #4] [Ellesmere] Radeon RX 570 Series
[2019-02-08 14:20:05] threads: 2, intensity: 21, worksize: 0/256, cu: 32, memory: 4096Mb

- some algo's can boost if use parameter --opencl-threads set to 2, or even 3(e.g. phi and skunkhash, but can be unstable)
- higher intensity not always more hashrate, try both more and less value than auto
- try different worksize, e.g. 64 or 128 instead of mostly used 0(same as 256).

- by default is 2% and can be reduced(see how wildrig.exe --help)
- wildkeccak algorithm is 2% with no possibility to change

- extend statistics per GPU(amount of found, rejected and stale shares)
- improve API, show zero statistics for inactive gpu's if use --opencl-devices parameter
- implement executing custom command when watchdog catch the gpu hang

Example of command-line start(with loop if miner crash):

Code: (bat)
@echo off


wildrig.exe --print-full --algo algo --opencl-threads auto --opencl-launch auto --url pool:port --user wallet --pass password

if ERRORLEVEL 1000 goto custom
timeout /t 5
goto loop

echo Some error happened, put custom command here
timeout /t 5
goto loop


- up to 5% hashrate speedup for mtp/mtp-tcr on Navi gpu's
- fixed x22i incorrect shares
- unlocked 1% dev-fee for mtp-tcr
- increased a bit hashrate for mtp and mtp-tcr on RX and Vega cards
- added parameter --split-job(should be useful for mtp-tcr)
- implemented mtp and mtp-tcr algorithms(Radeon 5700/5700XT support it too)
- new parameter --opencl-less-cpu-load

- fixed x16rv2

- added Radeon 5700/5700XT support for limited list of algorithms
- added support for Vega 11(gfx902)
- implemented x16rv2

- added glt-globalhash algorithm
- implemented --gpu-temp-limit and --gpu-temp-resume parameters
- now additionally to hashrate miner will show GPU temperature, fan speed and uptime
- added parameter --print-power(which will show power consumption per GPU Chip)
- added parameter --benchmark-timeout*

- fixed blake2b family for Linux
- wildkeccak around %1 speed increase
- added --print-devices parameter

- improved blake2b(lower power consumption on pre-Vega gpu's and higher hashrate on Vega gpu's)

- donation for honeycomb now can be reduced to 1%
- slightly improved different algorithms for Vega cards(e.g. honeycomb up to 3%)

- up to 5%-6% faster blake2b-btcc and blake2b-glt
- added skein2(WoodCoin)

- added blake2b-btcc and blake2b-glt algorithms
- fixed gfx907(some Radeon VII gpu's) support

- added just for fun anime algo
- possible fix to crash on Linux
- improved honeycomb up to 3%

- up to 20% faster x25x

- fixed support x25x on Linux
- fixed handling rejects for some pools(e.g. coinfoundry)

- fixed x22i and x25x for Radeon VII
- fixed Tonga support
- re-tuned auto parameters for Baffin's, gfx804 and Hawaii gpu's

- added x25x
- re-tuned auto-parameters to maximize hashrate with new optimizations for x16-family and other complex algorithms(right now only for Tonga, Fiji, RX470/570/RX480/RX580 and Vega cards)

- should be better stability for wildkeccak using --scratchpad-safe-update on some systems
- improved x16-like(Shavite at start), honeycomb and skunkhash

- improved honeycomb
- fixed hex, hmq1725 and some other algorithms hashrate regression
- fixed parameters --scratchpad-safe-update, --scratchpad-full-update, --no-extranonce(they was random if not specified)
- fixed communication with some pools

- continue improve some hashorders for x16 family(JH512 in middle, SIMD at start)
- special improvement for Vega on almost all algorithms(bcd, x16-fmaily, hex, x22i, etc.)
- added parameter --no-extranonce
- added parameter --scratchpad-full-update

- fixed xevan on Vega
- another improve to x16-like algorithms for specific hashorder(SIMD at start)

- added algorithm xevan
- improved speed a bit for some hashorders in x16-like algorithms(CubeHash and Echo at start)
- added parameter --scratchpad-safe-update for wildkeccak algorithm

- added wildkeccak algorithm
- added honeycomb algorithm(since 0.15.6 preview - boost up to 5%)
- improved speed on some hashorders for x16-like algorithms
- interface changes, now real difficulty of shares shown and so on
- tuned auto-parameters for Vega
- fixed Tonga and Bonaire support
- tuned auto parameters for RX550 and for some algorithms for other gpu's
- added support for Lexa RX550(gfx804)
- increased a bit speed of lyra2v3
- added bmw512
- added --diff-factor parameter
- removed diff from accepted message
- fixed support for Fiji and Tonga
- fixed broken Ctrl+C command
- fixed skunkhash

- tweaked lyra2v3 a bit
- fixed x16rt to support GIN coin
- temporary removed mtp algo(will be improved in next releases)
- implemented auto parameter for --opencl-threads and --opencl-launch(will work only for RX460/RX560, RX470/RX570, RX480/RX580 and Vega 56/64)
- now Ctrl+C(closing the miner) works more correctly

- added support for lyra2v3, lyra2vc0ban, glt-astralhash, glt-jeonghash, glt-padihash and glt-pawelhash
- correct shutdown of miner

- added algo x21s, dedal
- correct checking rejects from pools like suprnova
- improved speed of hex, hmq1725, x16r, x16s, x22i

- improved hashrate for hex, hmq1725, sonoa, x16r, x16s, x17, x18 and x22i
- extended accepted/rejected message with number of GPU that solved the share

- added aergo algo
- fixed stability of hashrate

- added x18 algo
- improved speed for x16, x17, hex and other algo's

- increased hashrate for x22i up to 10%
- fixed hashrate drops for x22i
- slight boost for x16r, x16s and x17 algo
- fixed rejects in some cases for x16r, x16s, hex and some timetravel algo's

- speedup for all algo's, up to 10%

- fixed low hashrate on Vega cards
- more improvements to x22i
- now higher intensity can be set

- significant increase of hashrate for x22i algo
- fixed support gfx901
- one more fix for NiceHash support

- fixed random crash after "new job", introduced in 0.12.4
- fixed NiceHash support
- fixed extra nonce subscription
- officially added algorithms x22i, exosis and skunkhash
- fixed hashrate printing per gpu

- added bitcore(timetravel10) algo
- improved hashrate for x16r/x16s/hex algo's when fugue, whirlpool, or skein is first in hashorder
- slight hashrate increase for all algo's where fugue used(e.g. bcd, renesis, a bit higher increase for sonoa and hmq1725)
- implemented colorized hashorder printing for some algo's
- implemented --benchmark parameter
- reworked --opencl-threads, now will work with --opencl-devices correctly
- fixed custom algo support in HiveOS

- slight speedup for bcd
- fixed API for showing correct hashrate when use --opencl-threads
- stripped kernels

- speedup x16r/x16s in some cases on final step
- fixed regress for simd, so should speedup x16r/x16s and return speed for other algos(bcd, sonoa, etc.)
- added hex algo
- now intensity can be set using sgminer-like numbers(old one supported too)
- improved API a bit, now threads contains hashrate per GPU, not per thread, so it should be correct now for HiveOS/etc.
- fixed GPU numbering at start when --opencl-threads used

- regen job now per GPU, should increase poolside hashrate
- added x16r, x16s and timetravel algorithms
- 30% boost for hmq1725
- grouped print of hashrate per GPU when use --opencl-threads parameter
- H/s unit in API instead of kH/s

- slight hashrate improvement
- added x17 algo
- improved pool communication code
- backup pools support(just use --url, --user and --pass as many times as you need)

- fixed regen job(it was working only once per "new job" message)
- optimized phi and renesis a bit
- some changes to kernels for more safe and correct calculations

- some small improvements to renesis, c11, phi, bcd, tribus
- implemented job regen using extra nonce, should be no more "waiting for a new job more than"(pool should support extra nonce subscription, some of GeekCash pools don't support it)
- one more fix to "Duplicate share" problem

- implemented subscribe for extra nonce
- final fix for "Duplicate share"
- implemented support few solved shares per iteration for one GPU

- some minor improvements to hashrate of different algo's
- added c11 and tribus

- critical: fixed sonoa hashing
- fixed sending stale shares
- fixed possible "Duplicate share"
- added phi algo

- fixed support not yiimp-based pools
- significant boost for all algo's
- added geek algo

- fixed rejects after donation mining
- critical: fixed possible stuck at donation mining if miner can't login

- added bcd algo
- improved speed for hmq1725
- a bit more correct share validation for sonoa and renesis
- fixed hmq1725 algo

- added sonoa algo
- implemented --opencl-threads parameter

- added hmq1725 algo
- improved speed for renesis algo
- added gfx900 kernels

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  Nanominer v1.6.3:Ethash,CryptoNight (v6,v7,v8,R,RW), RandomHash,Cuckaroo29
Posted by: Monet - 11-28-2019, 01:28 PM - Forum: CryptoCurrency - No Replies

Nvidia: Ethash, Cuckaroo29/Cuckarood29, CryptoNight (v6, v7, v8, R, ReverseWaltz), Ubqhash
AMD: Ethash, Cuckaroo29/Cuckarood29, CryptoNight (v6, v7, v8), Ubqhash
CPU: RandomHash/RandomHash2/RandomX in parallel with GPUs.
Windows and Linux compatible.

Download version for Linux: here
Download version for Windows: here

Features of 1'st generation of nanominer:

We are glad to present you the newest version of nanominer by nanopool.
Nanominer is a versatile tool for mining cryptocurrencies which are based on Ethash, Ubqhash, Cuckaroo29, CryptoNight (v6, v7, v8, R, ReverseWaltz) and RandomHash (PascalCoin) algorithms. This tool is suitable for both novice and professional users. Fast, reliable, efficient.

Our competitive advantages:

  • AMD, Nvidia or/and CPU - it's up to you, nanominer supports both types of GPU for mining Ethash, Ubqhash, Cuckaroo29 and CryptoNight and CPU for RandomHash.

  • Fastest RandomHash on CPU - the performance of PASC is highest on most CPUs.

  • Dual, triple or quad mining - you can set up nanominer to mine RandomHash on CPU and Ethash, Ubqhash, Cuckaroo29 or CryptoNight on GPUs without losing performance. Moreover, you can set all of these algorithms simultaneously on different GPUs.

  • Fastest CryptoNight on CUDA - we've done what others could not, and we're continue working to increase efficiency. CryptoNight on AMD with nanominer is definitely worth a try.

  • Fastest Cuckaroo29 on AMD - we have added best implementation of Grin's Cuckaroo29 algorithm for 8+ GB AMD GPUs with lowest possible CPU usage.

  • Cross platform: nanominer will bring you profit regardless of OS. The supported platforms are Windows and Linux.

  • Incredible web interface - you will enjoy all features and advantages which nanominer's web interface provides. Remote monitoring and control of your rigs as well as scanning local network for other rigs running nanominer, and working with them.

  • Built-in overclocking - we have added options to overclock coreClocks and memClocks for Nvidia cards on Windows.

  • Stable and autonomous: nanominer is able to control the state of video cards and, in case of hardware error (for instance: hashrate drop or GPU hang), it can restart itself or reboot entire system.

  • Advanced statistics: aside from hashrate, nanominer will inform you about GPUs temperature, power consumption*, average hashrate for each algorithm and much more.

  • Technical support 24/7: Our support service will answer all your questions promptly and with a pleasure.

  • No SmartScreen alert: we are going through a Microsoft security check, and Windows Defender does not recognize nanominer as a threat (does not remove or interfere with its work). Windows version of nanominer is digitally signed, so it cannot contain viruses.
  • Effective mining: high performance and efficient utilization of electricity.

  • BoringAPI - new extended miner statistic protocol which allows nanominer to provide wide range of useful information. The ETHman Remote Manager is supported by nanominer as well.

  • Customization flexibility: nanominer is ready to operate, you just need to indicate a wallet. However, if you are experienced user, then additional parameters will help you to adjust the miner according to your own understanding of best efficiency.
Features of the version 1.6.3
  • Fixed RandomHash2 algorithm for Pascal implemented.
    Fixed RandomHash and RandomHash2 to support RandomHash2 development.

  • Fixed RandomX algorithm implemented on CPU. Will be able to mine Monero on CPU in dual mode with some GPU coin after Monero hardfork.

  • Fixed Cuckarood29

Features of the version 1.6.2
  • Fixed setting up RandomX algorithm for testing purposes. Please check our Github for the config examples.
Features of the version 1.6.1
  • Optimized Ethash memory for Nvidia cards.

  • Added SSL connections for both Nanopool ETH and ETC pools and are used by default if no pools specified.

  • Ubiqpool.io pools are used by default now if no UBQ pools provided.
Features of the version 1.6.0
  • RandomHash2 algorithm for Pascal implemented. DevFee increased from 3% to 5% for both RandomHash and RandomHash2 to support RandomHash2 development.

  • RandomX algorithm implemented on CPU. Will be able to mine Monero on CPU in dual mode with some GPU coin after Monero hardfork.

  • Cuckarood29 performance improved up to 24% on AMD and Nvidia.

  • Updated node protocol supported for QuarkChain. Wallet can now be set up in miner's configuration file, not only configured on node itself. Public full nodes are used by default.

  • Example config files for popular coins were added to distribution.
Features of the version 1.5.3
  • Fixed issue with Nvidia devices not shown on nanominer -d output.

  • Print message in log if current Nvidia driver is too old for nanominer to detect Nvidia GPUs.
Features of the version 1.5.2
  • Fixed Cuckarood29 issue on AMD: low difficulty shares are not sent anymore.
Features of the version 1.5.1
  • Added Ethash binaries for AMD Radeon RX 5700 and AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT cards.
Features of the version 1.5.0
  • Added support for Grin's upcoming PoW hardfork Cuckarood29 algorithm.

  • Added support for Nvidia 6+ GB cards on Cuckaroo29/Cuckarood29 algorithms.

  • RandomHash (PascalCoin) performance improved.
Features of the version 1.4.1
  • Built-in amdmemtweak can run on Ubuntu 16.04 now.

  • Fixed SSL connection with miningpoolhub.
Features of the version 1.4.0
  • New memTweak option to control AMD GPU memory timings on Ethash algorithm, that gives up to 6%-10% performance increase compared to stock settings.

  • Faster Ethash kernel tuning on AMD Vega and Radeon VII GPUs.
Features of the version 1.3.4
  • Fixed critical connection issue introduced in version 1.3.3.
Features of the version 1.3.3
  • Fixed random Monero mining crashes on some connection types.
Features of the version 1.3.2
  • Fixed hanging while enumerating AMD devices on some systems.
Features of the version 1.3.1
  • Fixed CryptoNightR runtime compilation issue on some AMD devices.
Features of the version 1.3.0
  • CryptoNightR and CryptoNightReverseWaltz algorithms support for AMD GPUs.

  • New option powerLimits to manage Nvidia GPUs power limits.

  • Added block acceptance time for QuarkChain.

  • Support any shard IDs for QuarkChain, including null for root chain mining.
Features of the version 1.2.4
  • QuarkChain shard option was renamed to shardid to avoid confusion.

  • Added farmRecheck option for QuakrChain.

  • Do not show block accepted time for getwork protocol because it was calculated wrong. Will be added in some future update.

  • Fixed some stability issues.
Features of the version 1.2.3
  • Fixed issue with devices parameter ignored for Ethash.

  • Some performance increase of Cuckaroo29 for AMD GPUs.
Features of the version 1.2.2
  • Added QuarkChain node support for mining Ethash algorithm.

  • Added command line launching scripts for those users who need to run the miner using single command line with arguments.

  • Increased performance of Cuckaroo29 (GRIN coin) for AMD RX 580 8 GB up to 8%.
Features of the version 1.2.1
  • Fixed crash on startup on some systems without Nvidia cards.
Features of the version 1.2.0
  • Added fast (arguably the fastest) implementation of Grin's Cuckaroo29 algorithm for 8+ GB AMD GPUs with lowest possible CPU usage. Cuckaroo29 devfee is 0% till April 26th 4:20 PM local time and 2% after for this and any next version of nanominer.

  • Switched to CUDA 10 so all new Nvidia RTX GPUs are now supported. Need Nvidia Linux driver >= 410.48 or Windows driver >= 411.13 in order to work.

  • Added support for CryptoNightReverseWaltz (Graft coin) algorithm on Nvidia.

  • Two times less switches to dev fee and back - commission mining is now done once per two hours instead of single hour.
Features of the version 1.1.1
  • Lower CPU usage and system memory consumption for Nvidia CryptoNightR algorithm.

  • Fixed local miners discovery on some network configurations.
Features of the version 1.1.0
  • Added support for CryptoNightR algorithm on Nvidia for Monero PoW hardfork. Up to 17% faster than best competive CryptoNightR Nvidia miners currently available with only 1% devfee.

  • Added web-interface for easy rigs monitoring and remote setup. Runs on 9090 port by default, see

  • Added checkForUpdates (enabled by default) and autoUpdate (disabled by default) for checking and installing newest nanominer version on miner start.

  • Added options coreClocks, memClocks for overclocking. Only Nvidia cards on Windows are supported for now.

  • RandomHash devfee for CPU-only case was reduced from 5% down to 3%.

  • About 5% performance improvements for RandomHash on some CPUs.
Features of the version 1.0.6
  • Fixed small memory leak on Nvidia DAG change.

  • Some additional Ethash 3GB Nvidia cards optimizations - it is now possible to mine Ethereum on Windows 10 with half hashrate on full speed x16 PCI-e.
Features of the version 1.0.5
  • Extended Ethash support on Nvidia 3Gb cards. We are now the only one known miner that can support up to 242 epoch (best on Linux) with full speed. Next epochs will work too but performance degradation is possible. To make performance better you can try using full-speed PCI-e connections for 3 Gb devices.

  • Fixed some issues with miner re-connection to pools.

  • Fixed floating bug with enormous reported hashrate on AMD Ethash.
Dev fee for the use of nanominer takes the form of a commission from mining to its wallets once per 2 hours of runtime. The commission is:

1% of total mining time for Ethash, Ubqhash and CryptoNight algorithms (72 seconds per 2 hours);
2% for Cuckaroo29 algorithm (144 seconds per 2 hours);
3% for RandomHash on CPU (216 seconds per 2 hours).

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  EthMonitoring \ EthControl v1.10 (PhoenixMiner,EWBF, Claymore’s, CCMiner, AntMiner)
Posted by: Monet - 11-26-2019, 10:04 AM - Forum: CryptoCurrency - No Replies

EthMonitoring \ EthControl v1.10 (PhoenixMiner,EWBF, Claymore’s, CCMiner, AntMiner, Android/iOS)

Supported OS:

Windows 7/10

SimpleMining OS

Current version 1.10:

Added claymore power support reading (total)

Current version 1.0.9:

Added NoncerPro support
Added lolMiner support port: 8080
Added more detailed view of T-Rex stats.
Fixed GMiner reading
Added TTMiner support
Added NBMiner support
Fixed claymore fan&temp issue
Supports CCMiner auto-restart when CPU does not validate.
Supports EWBF auto-restart when cuda device thread exited.
Adds GPU fan speed monitoring with EWBF miner
Bulk updates for remote configuration / install.
Ethminer full monitoring with GPU hashrate, GPU temp and GPU fan speeds.
Remote rig reboot support.
Remote stop/start support for mining software.
Web console for remote diagnostic
Automatic miner software installation support and updates

Current version 0.0.33 - 1.0.8:

Support SMS/Telegram/Push notifications when:
– GPU temperature gets higher than required
– GPU temperature gets lower than required
– Miner is not responding for X amount of minutes
– GPU Fan speed is lower than X
– GPU Fan speed is higher than X
– Miner hashrate too low
– GPU hashrate too low

Supports multiple miners with one local software installed.

Log file support.
CCMiner-Alexis 1.0
CCMiner Palgin skunk mod
CCMiner SP Skunk mods
CCMiner >= 2.0
EWBF Support
dstm ZM
Excavator by NiceHash (1.4, 1.5)
Claymore’s Dual Miner support
Added SSL support for data update.
ASIC AntMiner support


Profit monitoring
Dailiy profit graph
WhatToMine.com 2 profit calculation based on current hashrate and power
Hashrate graphs
Temp graphs
Power usage graphs

EthControl v0.0.19a

Supports CCMiner auto-restart when CPU does not validate.
Supports EWBF auto-restart when cuda device thread exited.
Bulk updates for remote configuration / install.
Ethminer full monitoring with GPU hashrate, GPU temp and GPU fan speeds.
Remote rig reboot support.
Remote stop/start support for mining software.
Web console for remote diagnostics
Automatic miner software installation support and updates
GPU monitoring.
Afterburner profile loading
Starts with windows automatically
Crash reports
CCMiner “invalidate cpu” error auto-restart
Easily deploy custom ccminer forks, claymore updates, custom software to multiple rigs

[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.upload.ee%2Fimage%2...8SufQHwa4Q]
[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.upload.ee%2Fimage%2...RNIqBXZDvA]

# Supports #

Cast XMR
Claymore dual miner
ZM dstm
Phoenix Miner
Gateless gate

How to use:

Windows also requires installed: .NET Framework 4.6.1

Download windows binary from here: https://mega.nz/#F!1OoG2CIT!OZ_eNzR8lgXBBFfBfgD7TA

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ethmonitoring/id1257053708

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jldev.ethmonitoring

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  TT-Miner 3.1.0: Win & Linux ProgPoW(Z,092), MTP, EAGLESONG, EPIC, ETHASH
Posted by: Monet - 11-22-2019, 08:07 AM - Forum: CryptoCurrency - No Replies


Version: 3.0.10

- fixes crash when switching from/to DevFee mining
- TT didn't continue mining after DAG creation
- improved performance for ProgPoW based algos
- auto detection of the max supported compute capability - no need to have -compute on the command line
- addresses a bug that reduces hashrate for PROGPOW under certain conditions
- addresses a crash that happened when epic changes algo to or from ProgPoW
- fixed an bug that interrupts the API connection under some conditions
- added a watchdog for EPIC connection and reconnects if TT doesn’t receive any message for 120 seconds
- added new options for alternate coin
-oALT for alternate server[Image: clear.png]ort
-uALT for alternate user/wallet
-pALT for alternate password
-wALT for alternate worker

Version: 3.1.0

- support for Cuda 10.2
- TT didn't continue mining after DAG creation
- add support for EagleSong (Nervos-CKB)
commandline: TT-Miner.exe -A EAGLESONG -coin ckb -luck -P YOUR_F2POOL_LOGIN.YOUR_WORKER@ckb.f2pool.com:4300
- removed algo for Myriad-Groestl
- removed algo for the Teo version of Ethash (TEO)

TT-Miner Version 3.1.0 is available (Windows & Linux release)
Please note that the Linux release of TT-Miner requires Ubuntu 18.04 or later!

The miner required about 4-5 minutes until it shows a stable hashrate. To get independent information about miner speeds you should always compare hashrates @ the pool, shares @ the pool or just the profit you made.

The DevFee is 1% for all algos.

Download link - windows version:
TT-Miner 3.1.0_Win

Download link - linux version:
TT-Miner 3.1.0_Linux

You might need latest c++ runtime for beta 6 if you see a missing VCRUNTIME140_1.dll

TT-Miner is now included in HiveOS, MMP OS

Supported algorithms:
- PROGPOW092 (HORA, Hydnora, Sero & Abassian)
- ETHASH (ETH, ETC, Music, Callisto, etc)
- MTP (Zcoin)
- LYRA2REV3 (Vertcoin)
- EPIC (Epic Cash)

TT-Miner support mining Ethash on Nicehash.

In the current version the miner support cuda 9.2, 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2. If you want to make sure that TT-Miner uses a certain cuda version please append one of these values, if you do not append any of them, the miner will always use the algo for the latest cuda version:

-92 for cuda 9.20 (ETHASH-92, UBQHASH-92)
-100 for cuda 10.00 (ETHASH-100, PROGPOW-100)
-101 for cuda 10.10 (ETHASH-101, MTP-101)
-102 for cuda 10.20 (ETHASH-102, MTP-102)

Please note these requirements for the different cuda toolkit releases:
Cuda-Toolkit Linux Windows
CUDA 10.2.89 >= 440.33 >= 441.22
CUDA 10.1.105 >= 418.39 >= 418.96
CUDA 10.0.130 >= 410.48 >= 411.31
CUDA 9.2.148 >= 396.37 >= 398.26

Please make sure that you should not have -RH or -rate on your command line. Nicehash doesn't not like hashrate reporting and will disconnect if this notification is sent.

Please find below the available parameter and arguments, arguments in [] are not required:

-a, -A, -algo ALGONAME select the algorithm to use for mining
ETHASH Ethash (ETH, ETC, Music, Callisto, etc)
UBQHASH Ubiq version of Dagger-Hashimoto (UBIQ)
PROGPOW ProgPoW (BitcoinInterest)
PROGPOW092 ProgPoW-Rev.0.9.2 (Sero,EPIC)
MTP MTP (Zcoin algo)
LYRA2V3 Lyra2 Revision 3 (Vertcoin)
EAGLESONG EagleSong (CKB-Nervos)

This parameter will always load the algo that fits best to the installed driver. If you want
to make sure that TT-Miner uses a certain cuda version please append one of these values:
-92 for cuda 9.20 (ETHASH-92, UBQHASH-92)
-100 for cuda 10.00 (ETHASH-100, PROGPOW-100)
-101 for cuda 10.10 (ETHASH-101, MTP-101)
-102 for cuda 10.20 (ETHASH-102, MTP-102)

-d, -device, -devices Comma or space separated list of devices that should be used mining. IDs starts with 0

-work-timeout NOT supported (ignored)
-coin NOT supported (ignored)
-i, -mi, -intensity Comma or space separated list of intensities that should be used mining. First value
for first GPU and so on. A single value sets the same intensity to all GPUs. A value
of -1 uses the default intensity of the miner. A sample may look like this:
-i 18,17,-1,18 sets intensity of 18 to the first and fourth GPU, 17 to the
second and the third keeps the default of the miner. The GPUs
are the GPUs you may have selected with the -d parameter. If you
have installed 6 GPUs and use -d 3 4, the parameter -i 19 18
will set the intensity of 19 to your system GPU 3 and 18 to GPU 4.

-i auto INT INT INT TT-Miner will iterarate throu some gridsizes to find the best for you system and algo combination.
-i auto 1024 8192 256 will go from 1024 to 8192 with a stepsize of 256. If the iteration finishes TT
will print the results to the screen.

-ig, -gs intensity grid/grid-size. Same as intensity (-i, -intensity) just defines the size for the grid directly.
This will give you more and finer control about the gridsize.

API options Monitor/Control:
-b, --api-bind IP[[Image: clear.png]ort] enables the monitoring API of TT-Miner to the IP address. If you
omit the port, port 4068 is used as default
--api-type Protocol TCP/WebSocket - parameter ignored
--api-password password assigns a password to the API

Parameter without argument
-RH, -rate Reports the current hashrate every 90 seconds to the pool
-n, -list, -ndevs List the detected CUDA devices and exit
-logpool Enable logging of the pool communication. TT-Miner creates the pool-logfile in the folder 'Logs'.
-log Enable logging of screen output and additional information, the file is created in the folder 'Logs'.
-luck Show a second information line that shows you how long it should take to find a new solution (share).
Additionally the time already spend on the new solutions is printed and also a 'luck' value
in percent that shows you the progress. Values below 100% indicate that there is still time
left until the next solution should be found. Values above 100% indicate that the miner needs
more time to find the new share than expected. These values are 'long term' statistical
-U, --nvidia Mining using CUDA devices (just for combability - can be omitted)
-X Mining with OpenCL (just for combability - NOT supported)
-G, --amd Mining using AMD devices (just for combability - NOT supported)
-h, --help Show this help and exit
-v, --version Show TT-Miner version and exit
-nocolor Disables color output

Pool definition - defines all values that are required for a connection to a mining pool.
-P [scheme://]user/wallet[.workername/username][[Image: clear.png]assword]@hostname[Image: clear.png]ort

The minimal definition to connect to a pool is:

With all options it look like this

'stratum+tcp://' is not required because TT-Miner will automatically detect the
correct stratum protocol in use.
The first -P will define your primary pool, all following -P definition will work as
backup/failover pool.

-w, worker YOUR_WORKER

Same set for the alternate coin if you mine EPIC


-PP INT Process-Priority
This option set the process priority for TT-Miner to a different level:
1 low
2 below normal
3 normal
4 above normal
5 high
Default: -PP 3

-PRHRI INT Performance-Report Hash-Rate Interval
Performance-Report & information after INT multiple of one minute. Minimum value for INT to
1 which creates a hashrate interval of a minute. Higher Intervals gives you a more stable
hashrate. If the interval is too high the displayed average of your hashrate will change
very slowly. The default of 2 will give you an average of 2 minutes.
Default: -PRHRI 2

-PRT INT Performance-Report & information after INT multiple of 5 seconds
Set INT to 0 to disable output after a fixed timeframe
sample -RPT 24 shows the performance report after 24 * 5 sec = 2 minutes
Default: -PRT 3

-PRS INT Performance-Report & information after a INT shares found
Set INT to 0 to disable output after a fixed number of shares
sample -RPS 10 shows the performance report after 10 shares were found
Default: -PRS 0

Mixed sample:
- You want to see the performance report all 25 shares and all 30 secs:
-PRS 25 -PRT 6
- You do not want to see any performance report:
-PRT 0

-coin defines the coin you want to mine. That helps for connection to some pools (SERO) and can
avoid unnecessary DAG creation for the DevFee

A sample command line might look like this:

Stating from version 2.1.5 TT-Miner can understand most of the used command line arguments. If you already use any miner it should be OK just to replace the program name an leave the remaining arguments as they are. If you have a combination that TT-Miner does not understand please let me know so that I can fix that.

If you look for possible command line options please start the miner with the -h or --help option: TT-Miner.exe -h

TT-Miner is NOT free of bugs, so if you find one please help to make TT-Miner better and report it to me so that I have a chance to fix it.

Happy mining!

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