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  Skywire node on TV Smart BOX (X96 mini)
Posted by: edoardocoen - 11-19-2018, 09:00 PM - Forum: Skywire - Replies (1)

Recently, my girlfriend gifted me a TV BOX, the X96 mini with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. I checked the technical specifications, and relized that the hardware was suitable to use it as a skywire node, since it has:

  • Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 @ 2GHz (Amlogic S905W)
  • 2GB RAM DDR3
  • 16GB ROM
  • 100M Ethernet port (just the amount that the processor can handle!)
So, when 1 orange pi from my DIY miner burnt, I decided to use it as a node for replacement. Looked for prices and noticed that they are really cheap: with less than 30$ including shipping, you can have a really compact node, inside a case, without spending for SDs or PSU!
I studied a little bit, so I created my TV BOX Skywire node. Talking with other members of the community, I figured that other people might want to replicate my idea, so I created a simplified installation for you. I alredy installed skywire on it, but you need to install skywire services using my semplified script and configure the static IPs.
ADVICE: in this guide, I assume you already know about the networking. If not, please study this (LINK) and this (LINK). I used Armbian 5.62 Ubuntu xenial (server), kernel 4.19.0. This version doesn't support WiFi (We don't need it for a skywire node). You cannot continue to use the box as a Smart TV BOX while running a node. If something goes wrong, you can restore the original firmware using male to male USB Cable, USB Burning Tool and the .img file for X96 mini.
This method can also be used also for other TV boxes, but you need to change the .dtb file. I used gxl_p281_2g.dtb. See source documentation at the end.

1)Flash the SD/USB:

2)Install Linux Ubuntu:

You will have to follow the next steps for every node you want to install:
  • Go to your TV BOX, connect it to your network using an ethernet cable and insert your SD/USB.
  • Using a toothpick or similar, push the reset button that is inside the AV input, keep it pushed while you turn on the TV BOX. Keep the reset button pushed until the blue light turns red and blue again quickly. Now you are booting from the USB/SD.
  • You can choose 1 of the following option now:
    -OPTION a):
    Using PuTTY on your computer, login your node typing the IP of your TV BOX (you need to know how to find the IP, using your router web interface or command prompt)
    -OPTION b):
    Connect the TV BOX with the HDMI cable to a monitor and connect an USB keyboard too.
  • User: "root", password:"Skycoin" (with capital S). You can change it with the command:
  • Type:
    sh install.sh
  • Wait the installation and when it ends, type:
    shutdown now
  • You have just installed Linux on your TV BOX's eMMC!
  • When the blue light turns red, unplug the SD/USB and the power cable

3)Set IP address

Now before install Skywire services, plug the power cable again (without the toothpick trick) and wait for booting. If after 1 minute the TV box is not shown on the network, try disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable and waiting for 1 minute. When you see the TV BOX on your network:
  • Open a new PuTTY session (only if you choose option a), login as root, and type:
    nano /etc/network/interfaces
  • Set your static IP here (remember to change "dhcp" into "static" and remove the "#"), for example:
    allow-hotplug eth0
    no-auto-down eth0
    iface eth0 inet static
    Than type "ctrl+X", "Y", to save.
    Every node must have a different "address", remeber the manager's one (you need only 1 manager node).

4)Install skywire services:
  • Type:
    sh /root/services.sh
  • Follow the instructions. When it asks, type "y" (yes) if you are installing skywire services on the manager node. When it asks, type your manager IP address. Please, be sure to type it correctly, without spaces!
  • Type for the last time:
After that you can do point  2, 3 and 4 again for the others nodes: plug your SD/USB on your next TV BOX, install Linux to eMMC, set IP, install skywire services...

Remeber, BACKUP YOUR NODE KEYS! Learn how: https://github.com/skycoin/skywire/wiki/...blic-keys)

It's a good idea write on every TV BOX the static IP that you choose and its pubblic key


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  Necessary to use OpenWRT Giga Router?
Posted by: same1116 - 11-13-2018, 03:11 PM - Forum: Skywire - Replies (11)


I am a newbie to this and planning to setup one DIY Miner

but I have a few questions and it will be great if anyone can help me to clear my doughts 

# is it necessary to use OpenWRT Giga Router or can i use my home router TP-LINK TL-MR3220 3G/4G Wireless N Router?

# is there any minimum internet speed requirement?

# how much monthly internet data (GB/month) is required? 

# instead of raspberry pi is it possible to setup nods on multiple windows based thin client? 

please advise


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Thumbs Up John McAfee Partners with Skycoin
Posted by: skyguy - 11-05-2018, 05:16 AM - Forum: News - No Replies


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  Can I start with just 1 raspberry pi 3
Posted by: yonomas - 10-24-2018, 05:24 PM - Forum: Skywire - Replies (1)

I want to test this before investing in any hardware

I have a raspberry pi 3 b and a raspberry Zero

Can I use them as nodes? If so where can i download the image for raspberry ?

Thanks in advance

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  RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B+ V Orange pi prime
Posted by: incadar - 10-05-2018, 07:50 AM - Forum: Skywire - Replies (1)


i see a raspberry Pi build approved for the testnet up above , i can get RPI much easier than orange as have to import.

is there a big performance difference as they seem to have same CPU?

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  RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B+ V Orange pi prime
Posted by: incadar - 10-05-2018, 07:45 AM - Forum: Skycoin - No Replies


i see a raspberry Pi build approved for the testnet up above , i can get RPI much easier than orange as have to import.

is there a big performance difference as they seem to have same CPU?

sorry just relished wrong area, have moved it to skywire

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  CX Installation (Noobs & Newbies)
Posted by: Docukno - 09-13-2018, 04:53 AM - Forum: Development - Replies (3)

I have been (and still am) struggling to find a hassle-free, "noob"-friendly, first-time-work, clear, unambiguous description of a CX installation process for Windows 10 (and Windows 7 for my secondary laptop) which includes a simple editor as well. 

All the descriptions I have tried come with ambiguous and or incomplete and or vague instructions and or assume that the user has other existing IDE's in place. Nothing for a complete noob who wants to try a new programming paradigm 'afforded' by CX! After all, CX (like Skywire) is key to Skycoin's success.


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  benchmark node?
Posted by: boatman - 08-17-2018, 03:02 AM - Forum: Skywire - Replies (1)

is there a way to stress test a node? like some sort of benchmark?
how would it even be measured? transfers/sec? 
I want to know if over clocking improves anything. 
or are there any utilities that will let me know the throughput of the node or max through put?


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  backup node keys?
Posted by: boatman - 08-15-2018, 03:46 AM - Forum: Skywire - Replies (1)

so, I want to back up by skywire node keys. is this possible?
I want to upgrade the hardware of my node. I.E. pi 3 to Pine A64
so I would have to install everything again. and that means I would get a new public key.
to keep my place in the white list I would need to keep the same node public key.

this is why I need to backup my public key. 
if anyone has a better solution then i would like to hear it. like if I can change the public key on the form for getting white listed without getting my place in the line to get while listed reset, then that would be great.

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  Skywire Hardware
Posted by: ingwa - 08-12-2018, 10:30 AM - Forum: Skywire - No Replies

Hi everybody,

Is there a place where I can find out about the different hardware projects that are being developed and their current status?

The reason I am asking is because I have become very interested in the Skywire/Skycoin vision and I think it has a lot of promise. I work in a company that does telematics units for automotive and one of my friends/colleagues there is a very good hardware designer. We have discussed what is needed for a cheap and scalable Skywire node and we have come up with a design that we think will fulfill all of the requirements while still being cheap.

It consists of a motherboard with:
 - one control CPU with RAM and flash memory
 - one integrated router chip
 - WiFi/Bluetooth chip
 - several (up to 8) DIMM holders where you can plug in Raspberry Pi Computer Modules, each containing a quad-core CPU, RAM and soldered flash.

The cheapest node would be only the motherboard and an antenna, and the most advanced one being the motherboard + 8 RPi computer modules, which would be very similar to the official Skycoin Miner, but much cheaper.

We have a small company together on the side from our day jobs and we have great contacts from our employer with certification authorities around the globe, so we think that we can pull this off in ~6 months for a prototype and ~1 year for the finished product. 

It would be awesome if this could be sanctioned by the Skycoin project. But we don't want to do it if there are already other projects along the same line which are much further ahead.

But first we would like to see the full list of requirements for a Skywire Node.  Is there such a list anywhere?

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