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Ask the Sky Team - skyguy - 01-29-2018

Hey guys

Please post all your skywire / skycoin technical questions here. I will collate them in an email to the sky team at the end of the week

Keep them short and to the point

RE: Ask the Sky Team - sarahconer - 01-29-2018

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to post this.

We are setting up up for the miner.

Wanted to asked if there was a benefit for doing multiple 8 X CUP units or a single 16 CPU miner vs the 32 CPU miner ?

Four X 8 CPU Miner = One 32 X CPU Miner?
Or will the 32 X produce a multiplier?

Thank you .

RE: Ask the Sky Team - Paperstream - 01-29-2018


i was wondering if there is a solution already, to prevent permanent reconfiguration of skywire trusted lists, since it'll work first as a hybrid over the legacy network ( ISPs tend to oversubscribe their pool of public ip addresses and therefore most users will get after 24h new IP addresses) and the pubkeys linked with IPs are going to change regularly?


RE: Ask the Sky Team - JayBee - 01-30-2018

Is there an ETA on wallet encryption update? how about the coin hour banking update? once coin hours are bankable there will be a lot more sky movement. right now everyone holds with an iron grip so we dont burn our coin hours. ty skycoin team

RE: Ask the Sky Team - Yaya - 01-30-2018

DM @lunaticfringe1 on telegram your questions

change coin hour to skycoin - zjxflyer - 01-31-2018

How to change coin hour to skycoin , or change skycoin to coin hour ?   what is the ratio ?

RE: Ask the Sky Team - trader95 - 01-31-2018

Repeat of my question posted in Q/A. Can we get a password lock and encrypted wallet seed?

This link explains an easy way [for the devs to add] a password lock the seed file on a desktop, using existing zip tech/programs.

Someone said they think it is being worked on. So a dev answer would be helpful. Thanks.

RE: Ask the Sky Team - Planimo - 02-01-2018

if i get this right, the advantage of having a skyminer is you dont have to configure anything and it auto updates.

So mining from a pc is still possible but requiers thinkering.

Now if that is correct, my question is, are there plans to streamline the pc mining process? if so, at which point of the developpement?

I think if contributing to the network can be done from already available resources (your own pc) then it could help the network grow faster and give an alternative to people on a waitlist for skyminers.

RE: Ask the Sky Team - mercury - 02-04-2018

What do the DIY nodes need to do to get whitelisted?

RE: Ask the Sky Team - Nclark - 02-04-2018

Would it be possible to have the sky team create a skywire setup video? Perhaps, something geared towards audiences of varying technical ability.

1. How to prepare before receiving your skyminer (e.g. what internet speed is needed, what other hardware outside of the miner is required, what software is needed, what operating system is recommended, etc.)
2. Visual unboxing and setup of the physical skyminer hardware
3. Setting up the skywire software and configuring it with the skyminer
4. Converting earned skyhours to skycoin
5. Ballin like JJ

I love how this is a community effort and I love seeing all of the individuals here and on telegram that are posting guides and tutorials. However, all of the information is a bit spread out and can be little hard to understand for non technical individuals like myself. A simple how to guide would go a long way.