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Orange Pi Prime miner issues - Radarlarrry - 04-17-2019

When I checked the monitor this morning, all seven nodes were up.  (One bad OPi)  However, in the STARTED column #7 said 10 hours ago, the rest said 38 minutes ago.  Does this indicate 1 thru 6 rebooted 38 minutes prior?  If so, why only 1-6 and not 7?  Is there an error log somewhere so I can see what happened?  Can I tell how long they were offline?
Now it's done it again, 2 hours ago... all except #7.

P.S. I don't have static IPs set for the Pis. Could this be happening when the addresses change? I would set them, but not exactly sure how to do it. The only info I could find on it is for RPi. I also did not do the port changes, as it seems to work fine on the ports as configured. But, what do I know?

Larry B.
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