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Skywire software tutorial + automated installation script
(04-09-2018, 09:47 AM)GM_CryptoCat Wrote: Hey guys a friend and I have made an Automatic install script for the full software part and a tutorial now available 

We know that we have left it late and should have published earlier but we hope it still helps some ppl!

Let’s start:

The skywire source code had some major update this week. Do you need to update the automatic installer too?

By the way I think there should be an official installer for skyminer. The very technical and complex setup process is holding back many non tech people from participating. Need to get more people involved, not only the geeks.
I'm so poor... Skycoin donations appreciated Big Grin : 87j64iSia8FccQdV2bXySPtrvjgHJsoeWw


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