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Best Could Mining Site
Could you recommend any cloud mining web site? Also, how should the coin withdrawal, direct online wallet or not?
Download the official wallet because holding Skycoins there will accumulate "Skycoin hours", which will eventually be used as its own currency for transaction fees and even traded independent of the coins. Until then, the two are locked together but the incentive to store in the official wallet is still there. The wallet isn't encrypted yet, so some are deleting the wallet application once the seed is securely stored.

As I understand it, there will be no "pools" until at least the testnet is up. Pools are designed for people to have their hardware managed by those that are capable, who receive a small percentage for doing so. A "5%" figure has been thrown around and I'm not sure if that's concrete or speculation right now.

The technically savvy who know linux may likely operate, configure, and maintain their own hardware and software. AFAIK unlike other coins, "solo mining" is better described as a "self managed node."

Someone please jump in if I'm mistaken or for more info... thanks and cheers
Curious to know too if we can rent some servers around the world and start mining?

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