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Mining Rewards
If you were to have 2 SkyMiners running in the same location, would you earn twice the Coin Hours that 1 SkyMiner would? And would they appear on the network as the same location or as separate entities with their own location? Would this only be useful in high traffic areas seeming as 1 SkyMiner could have its bandwidth used up completely from certain connections?
From what I gather the skyminer is just 8 SBCs sharing a network switch and each one is running its own node. One of them is probably running the node manager as well. So having 2 skyminers on the same network will result in hosting 16 nodes on the same network. This is probably inefficient because a single skyminer supposedly can take full advantage of a gigabit network.
Unless you have network speeds > 1Gb/s then its probably not worth having 2 skyminers.

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