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Is there any bounty for a software contribution to the project?
As as software engineer I'm wondering if there any bounty for contribution into software behind Sky stack (e.g. Sky Wallet)?

I'd love to contribute from time to time.
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Also interested in this, would be happy to help out with programming.
Personally I don't like to mention "Donate if you like it" message in the PR, so if we have some established and transparent rules that would be awesome.

Just a side note: I've noticed in some skycoin repos that external contributions are not reviewed for a long time that may be frustrating for new members :/
Yes guys! Go to the bounty channel and ask there. I'm sure there is bounties for development and they are looking for software people
> Yes guys! Go to the bounty channel and ask there.

Awesome, will do that today. I have some ideas what can be improved in the wallet itself.
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