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Skywire Northern California

People in the Northern California area sound off in here.

Let's hear what you have going on! If you don't feel comfortable sharing your exact location, I invite people to share their locations with me privately so I can help connect you with other users in your local area.

As for me, I have a handful of locations where I can set up equipment.

My favorite spot is in the flat farmlands somewhere roughly between the Bay area and Sacramento where I want to erect a radio tower that will hopefully cover everything from Vacaville (hills) to well past Sacramento, woodland, winters, and most if not all of yolo county. Of course these 5ghz units work line of site, and I'll need people to support the wireless meshnet, but I'm very excited about the prospect.
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  • Space Cowboy
Aye, you get the west and south side of the sacramento river and I'll take the east and north.
Already eyeing some property that would make a good future spot for a high bandwidth relay.
We'll have to see if we can connect the buttes with the coastal hills in one hop.
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And i thought you were china based

Spider that miners guys
I bounce between the Bay area, and Reno area. Just received my Skywire miner from China, and built it. Working on the software setup now from the Ubuntu guide post on here. I'm debating switching out the original 16GB SD Cards for a higher memory level for improved performance, and the best Linux OS to mount, wanted to see what you guys think. I worked in IT for a bit, and have a basic technical working knowledge of Linux systems; and definitely interested in learning more and supporting the project. Much thanks!

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