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Skywire DIY
Skywire Miner DIY with 4 CPU Boards

My hardware list:

4x Orange Pi Prime

Power Supply 5V (at least 40W for 4 Orange Pi Primes, 10W per one)

MikroTik RouterBOARD 450G (RB450G, RB/450G) Level 5 680 MHz five port Gigabit ethernet router

Power Supply 24V (for RouterBoard at least 20W)

4x MicroSD

4x UTP RJ45 kat.6e (length 0.25m for connecting Orange Pi Prime to router)

1x UTP RJ45 kat.6e (length 0.5m for upstream connection)

Main switch for the miner

Still waiting for final parts Smile
Also planing to 3D print a frame.

Prototyping 3D parts in Blender3d

[Image: Prototype2.png]

Preparing parts for STL export for printing

[Image: Prototype4.png]

[Image: Prototype3.png]

Prusa Control to slice up models and create G-Code
[Image: Prototype5.png]

A lot of waiting (from 2 to 12 hours per part)

Small parts for wiring

[Image: IMG_6057.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6140.jpg]

And the result

[Image: IMG_6151.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6154.jpg]

Software side of the project

I'm using Armbian build for OrangePi Prime (link for instructions on how to build bootable image

After building I used Etcher ( to burn SD cards.

After boot up and login follow the Skywire instruction (
- Firstly you install GO language from Google (
- Compile binaries from Skywire github source repository
- Run manager and node

Happy mining Wink
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  • skyguy
Very nice! Keep us updated on that 3D printed frame
Thank you for the inspiration.
Good idea - i actually ordered already 8 Orange Pis before i realized that this might be way to much CPU-Power for my bandwith.
I think i will also build now some smaller set.
maybe two 4xOrange Pi like you or even four units with 2xOrange Pi (for friend's or parent's unused bandwith  Big Grin)
Hmm. This is making me reconsider dropping all 8 into a single build....I wonder which is the more inportant bandwidth stat. Upload or download speed?

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At this point we don't know the perfect ratio between number of nodes and bandwidth. I am gonna test with 4x Orange Pis at multiple location and go from there. You can always expand or stack more Smile
Can't wait to see your thread and also prepare everybody for flood of threads like this , good thing!
Is that OpenWRT router?
Can we use other type of boards for building? If so, which one?
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  • Lancek
dudes. where can I get an orange pi like for 5 sky miners

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