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What is a WUG
How will Sky's internet compare to the deep web or the French formerly active Minitel?
(01-09-2018, 02:51 PM)skyguy Wrote:
(01-09-2018, 10:32 AM)agentx Wrote: lol but then a wug sounds like a wig. I hate wigs man. would like to see skyway taking over bitcoin talk. this feels like investing in bitcoin in 2009!

Big Grin  It's pronounced Mug with a W
There are so many questions regarding/about the "make-up/rollout/initial installation/getting Skywire operational and the road thereafter" that I think it's time to compile some or other complete "The Dummies guide to Skycoin's Skywire "internet" " or something like tha? 

Apart from the  lack of 'accurate' knowledge about Skywire (not at the level of a very technical treatise of a white paper), it's currently also the different answers to these sort/type of questions that create confusion and even scepticism regarding Skywire as a whole which we can't really afford now! 

Is it not time to sit down and compile such a "guide"?

(btw "pettiness" is not really called for on a site like this?).
To clarify: Quote: ""(btw "pettiness" is not really called for on a site like this?)""unquote: This was NOT aimed at Skyguy, rather a message to agent 007!

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