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Suggestion: Use LiveEdu to teach skyminer building
LiveEdu is getting some buzz with the crypto crowd because they are doing an ICO and are looking to be the twitch for learning. 

I think this would be a good platform (better than youtube) for someone good with this sort of thing to teach people how to build a skyminer, tell them its a decentralized internet, etc.

Since they are doing an ICO and one of their main offerings is crypto classes, the audience here would likely be very receptive. It could be a good place to get more people on board with the project as well as a resource for the less technical people already in the community (i would definitely be in this camp).

Also you could get tips for doing it just like twitch and any money from sales if you made it a premium service.

Just throwing it out there
I've personally not heard good things about LiveEdu. Perhaps not the best platform to tie our name with...

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