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how did you hear about skycoin?
just curious to know everyone's introduction to skycoin [emoji848]
Reddit > Subreddit: Cryptocurrencies.

Somewhere in a comment I read about Skycoin and the rest of this revolutionary project.
I was hooked immediately.
[Image: EVomGMl.jpg]
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a comment on tauchain's thread
This review by the Crypto Lark:

iamnotback(one of synth's bct handles, i'm pretty sure) slipping references to his secret weapon that was gonna blow every other crypto out of the water. Naturally I was intrigued by the confidence displayed in referencing only specific technical merits and already fleshed-out solutions to problems that other people were just beginning to see/accept, and never slipping a name or link or anything. Eventually I pieced together enough (or he dropped a big enough hint, I don't remember). It still was many many months before I bought any. at the time I was working too many hours to be able to dedicate time to diversifying, and I knew bitcoin was just beginning this run so I didn't care.

When I actually bought was the first day I saw someone post a skycoin logo. checked up and saw skyminer status was nearing maturity. Knew it was time to get the fuck in. Still got some at under 100k sats at least Big Grin. Although I'm not done buying, I fold all my swing trading profits into Skycoin.
Jan 2017, spent a few days going through each and every coin/token on CMC. Skycoin blew my mind when I found it.
I learned about Skycoin through a series of "controversial" videos by a guy named J.J. Jenkins lol
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found about skycoin through coinmarketcap looking at repos for something more than a copy pasted erc20 coin.

skycoin got me hooked pretty much right away.
sky: 27oB97MjgvMLQq2B2CgWyVr8E3gxea47T1e
I learned about Sky from a famous K. aka @Paperstream on Telegram. My hero!
(01-23-2018, 08:00 AM)Vaxzem Wrote: just curious to know everyone's introduction to skycoin [emoji848]

I was searching for Third Generation Cryptocurrency online and came across it.  I'm actually quite surprised that more projects aren't using that tag line, seems like great marketing to me, even if it wouldn't be true for a lot of them.

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