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Encrypt Skycoin Wallet
Compliments of prblmchld. Original thread here  

At the time of this post, the Skycoin desktop client does not yet offer an encryption mechanism. You can track the progress of this issue here:

Below is a simple way to store your Skycoin wallet files in an encrypted container until encryption is implemented in the desktop client! Shout out to 'Experience Dickerson' for originally sharing this idea with the Skycoin Telegram!

  1. Download VeraCrypt @

  2. Open VeraCrypt, select a drive letter, then select 'Create Volume'

    [Image: VeraCrypt_CreateVolume.png]

  3. Follow the steps for 'Create an encrypted file container'.

  4. Make sure your Skycoin client is closed before proceeding to step 5!

  5. Make a backup of the 'C:\Users\USERNAME\.skycoin' folder.

  6. Seriously. Make sure you have a backup of your '.skycoin' folder.

  7. In VeraCrypt, click 'Select File...' in the bottom right hand corner. Select the container file you created. Click 'Mount' on the bottom left.

  8. Your encrypted container should now be mounted and VeraCrypt will look something like this:

    [Image: VeraCrypt_Container.png]

  9. Copy your 'C:\Users\USERNAME.skycoin' folder into your mounted container. Once in the container I renamed the '.skycoin' folder to just 'skycoinwallet'.

  10. Stop. Take a deep breathe. Make sure your '.skycoin' folder is backed up and then delete the folder located at 'C:\Users\USERNAME.skycoin' (the default wallet location).

  11. Create a symbolic link to the container. Open up an administrative command prompt/powershell and type the following: mklink /D C:\Users\USERNAME.skycoin Z:\skycoinwallet

    [Image: VeraCrypt_CreateLink.png]
    *Make sure to use your actual username.

  12. After creating the symbolic link you should be able to open the Skycoin client and see your coins!

  13. Note that If you open a file stored on a VeraCrypt volume, the file will be automatically decrypted to RAM (memory) on the fly while it is being read. I would suggest only mounting your encrypted container when using your wallet.
    *Remember that your wallet does not have to be open to accumulate coin hours!

  14. When you are ready to dismount your encrypted container make sure that you close the Skycoin client. Open VeraCrypt and select 'Unmount' in the bottom left.
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Thanks for the Instructions!
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to __MadMax__ for this post:
  • Timonius
Thanks, the unencrypted wallet feels a bit too naked for my taste.
Thanks for the encryption process given, BUT, is there no simpler, easier, LESS TIME CONSUMING, less 'side effects', still safe method/process available somewhere? (target: 64 bit Windows 10 laptop).
Wallet encryption added to version 2.3.0

See wallet download page ->

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