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NB: TO EVERYBODY (especially the techies)/all 'knowledgeable' participants on SKYWUG: Having had a few private discussions with Skyguy (mostly technical) and seeing the (very) positive 'growth' in participation on Skywug, I think Skyguy (the Skyer who started Skywug), need 'coordinated' assistance and support to handle all the posts (of whatever nature) from the (MANY) people who want to know/discuss something, somewhere, somehow, etc..

Sometimes it is very difficult for those with full time jobs, with a family (especially the wife or girlftiend!!!nnng, a boy and a girl, two dogs, a parrot, 5 pigeons, a nagging neighbour, a laptop, a telephone, a few beers, a broken toaster, and, and,...) to give enough support (not that we are not trying!!!). Please coordinate with Skyguy and help where possible (those with specialised knowledge on/in a specific area or direction may in fact get recognition for work well done!).

Lastly: to the techies, please remember, there is a HUGE community/group of people out there who are not necessarily 'crypto or software experts', but who have some technical background and need a word or two more than the usual to clarify things here and there, e.g. all the abbreviations that are thrown around, etc. Things like this may increase the participation and further growth as well!

BUT, please enjoy it!!!

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