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Skycoin for the UN
Hello everyone,

I am very excited about the Skycoin project and I would like to participate actively in its expansion. I am going to start working at the UN this month and I see some potential in implementing the use of Skycoin.

Yes, I won't have a senior position that could enable me to ingrain such a groundbreaking approach to transferring funds. Yet my role is to develop innovative ways of coordinating the work of NGOs and the UN in matters of humanitarian crisis and sustainable development. Consequently, it also means being able to transfer funds quickly and efficiently to ensure an effective response to crisis or development projects at hands.

Using skycoins would allow the UN to reduce the waiting time imposed by banks and numerous institutional barriers that impair these types of transfers. Moreover, without any transaction fees, more money will be allocated to the concerned projects.

Obviously, I cannot start working on this without having someone from skycoin on my side so I would like to know what you think about my idea and discuss it thoroughly before I make any suggestion at the UN.

In addition to that, there are few technical points that I would like to discuss with someone from skycoin and maybe we can try to think what would be the best approach to make it functional so that it could be adopted by such a big and formal institution like the UN that has its own agenda and responsibilities. 

I hope you find my idea interesting.

All the best  Big Grin
If the recent video of the UN Talk on Blockchain was in any way the result of your efforts, then kudos to you friend!

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