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Orange Pi Ethernet controller, TCP/IP and VLAN
1. Does anyone know the part number of Ethernet controller (Ethernet PHY) used on Orange Pi Prime? I can't find this info anywhere, not even on the Orange Pi website or user manual.
So much openness for an "open source hardware"..

2. If I have an Ethernet controller with hardwired TCP/IP stack on it (like the one below) and connect it to host CPU via serial interface, will it work for Skyminer? Or cause some conflict with Open WRT router?
In general is this TCP/IP on Ethernet controller transparent to both Open WRT router and the mining software?

(I want a confirmation from Skywire firmware developer lol)

3. If I have an OpenWRT router with multiple LAN ports, but NOT supporting V-LAN, will it function normally if directly connected to multiple Orange Pi's? If no, will it work if I connect the router first to a network switch and then to multiple Orange Pi's?
Turns out that Orange Pi Prime's Ethernet controller is Realtek RTL8211E. PHY only, with RGMII.
Such an old product.

What about issue with hardwired TCP/IP and OpenWRT?

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