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PSA: scam PM from liba
"Liba" PMed me with an unsolicited scam message. They probably did it to others.
It was written in the wrong language too.  Don't trust messages like this.

Quote:Jag ärvde den (sju miljoner, trehundra tusen dollar ($ 7,3000.00) från min far och mitt närmaste namn för möte, så fonden är en av landets primära banker i landet

Quote:I inherited it (seven million, three hundred thousand dollars ($ 7,3000.00) from my father and my closest name for meeting, so the fund is one of the country's primary banks in the country

I need you to be able to allocate money from this bank to your local account for investment purposes because I want to come to your country to continue my education while choosing your money in your bargain.

Please, I'm orphaned and I need help to transfer the inherited money to your country and help me give your school in your country where I go to school. Dear, kind, expensive urgent needs before they will be killed, because they are around me that I wrote to you right now in the hotel room.
Thanks for reporting this. I'll ban them now
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