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Jialee's Creative Design Skyminer Contest sponsored by Sky & SPO
Attention, Skyfleet! You know, when I was growing up there wasn't widespread hardware available to the masses like Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards. It's incredibly inspiring to watch young people learn electrical applications and/or writing code. We are building a future where everything is modular.

Open source innovation and small scale manufacturing is key to carrying humanity forward and untying us from the shackles of centralized industry and government. 

Can you imagine a 3d printer in every home? Can you imagine a world where we use platforms like Solar Bankers to trade energy credits freely and openly with neighbors? Can you imagine a neighbor who may specialize in building phones in your community? Maybe his 3d printer builds smaller circuit boards. Who knows what the future holds?

As we move away from trust-based centralized institutions, we need these skills to become attainable for the masses. This is one reason why SKY is graciously sponsoring this contest. Special thanks to skyguy, K. & Craael. 

Reminder that this is only a Creative design contest. Meant for a liitle fun in the SKYWUG community. We will be awarding 40 SKY to our participants, 20 SKY to the most Creative design.

-You MUST be planning a DIY Skyminer build for TestNet, this contest is for serious community members.
-‎Your entry must consist of at least 1 64-bit ARM based computer board with all corresponding pieces for a functional Skyminer.
-You must post your entry in this thread and in the r/skytrader subreddit, the more pictures, videos, guides, and instructions, the better. We encourage you to share on telegram and social media as well.

Judgement will be held by myself and a moderation team of SKY family.

*There will be 5+ winners. Categories are as follows:

Most creative Skyminer  - Prize 20 SKY
Most ridiculous Skyminer - Prize 5 SKY
Most compact 8-node Skyminer - Prize 5 SKY 
Most compact 4-node Skyminer - Prize 5 SKY
Honorable mentions - Prize 1+ SKY

Sponsored by SPO -Protocols for the new internet-
-Best documentation (and distribution thereof)
1st 150 SPO
2nd 100 SPO
3rd 50 SPO

*SPO replaces existing protocols for the new smart internet on skywire. SPO nodes will be able to share your storage space on a distributed storage network, this is the next generation storage solution. will be live soon, where you will be able to read more about their "SPOminer." Ask now on telegram: *

**Don’t neglect proper cooling for your compact miners.**

This contest is for members of only.

We reserve the right to disqualify participants, but use your head and you’ll be fine. We take no responsibility for your actions.

Deadline for entries will be the 30th of April

[Image: Skywug_Skyminer_Competition.jpg]
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Can we participate with more than one miner? To be clear, I would love to fuck around with the Pis in different configurations.
(03-14-2018, 09:19 PM)noquedanmasnick Wrote: Can we participate with more than one miner? To be clear, I would love to fuck around with the Pis in different configurations.

There is no limit for the # of entries.
That's awesome. Looking forward to submitting mine, and seeing the other entries!

And just to clarify, we need to submit our rigs here AND the subreddit to qualify? Thx
(03-16-2018, 06:43 PM)kenkonious Wrote: That's awesome. Looking forward to submitting mine, and seeing the other entries!

And just to clarify, we need to submit our rigs here AND the subreddit to qualify? Thx

Big Grin [Image: FBE88512_F616_4_FD9_AE53_05_D03_BDBF062.jpg]
I likely won't win a major prize, but I did build a four-board DIY miner with the express purpose of assisting noobs by creating a miner parts list without the need to do any of the electrical wiring or flashing OpenWRT to a router.

[Image: DIY_Miner1.jpg]


[Image: DIY_Miner2.jpg]

Here are the supplies used:
Orange PI Prime Boards
Using the Orange PI Prime boards makes sense for beginners since most of the community is using these boards and thus there are a lot of community members who can assist with issues when installing the software on Linux.  Additionally, the Skycoin team will be releasing an image with the software preinstalled that can be easily flashed onto Orange PI boards.
Power Adapter (US Version)
Power Adapter (EU Version)

Micro SD Cards
You will want to use fast Class 10 Micro SD cards.  16 GB is what the official miners come with.

LAN Cables
You can use any short Cat 5 Ethernet cables.  I used these from the parts list that has floated around and got some in both 15cm and 25cm lengths.

Any Orange PI cases would work but these are the ones I used.
This cheap switch can handle up to 7 devices, not including the incoming connection from the router.  If you might expand to 8 boards in your Skyminer, use a 8+1 port switch like the one referenced in other parts lists.
Power-Adapter-Compatible Surge Protector
This surge protector can support up to 6 bulky power adapters at a time plus additional standard plugs.
GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Router (300 Mbps) with OpenWRT Preinstalled
This mini-router is limited to 300 Mbps but comes with OpenWRT preinstalled and is likely sufficient for home users in many parts of the world where bandwidth is capped at low speeds.  In the long term, this bandwidth would not be sufficient for running a Skyminer attached to an antenna, but it gives you time to flash OpenWRT on a gigabit router while still participating in the Testnet via an OpenWRT router.
Power Adapter for Router
The MT300N requires a 5V/1A power supply, so most USB adapters should work.

Another reason to consider getting individual cases and power adapters is that FPGA miners and official miners with more than 8 boards are being worked on, and when they are released, a lot of the first-gen equipment will not be as useful for running Skywire. When that happens, I will probably use this initial equipment for other purposes, and everything is in place from the start to make that transition very easy.

I hope this simple DIY setup helps the community!
Hello good people !
I will present you my contraption. It's not the best design but it's pretty solid . I bought the Pis from Aliexpress and the rest of the parts from local providers.
I built the frame from aluminium angle and MDF . It is more resistant and much more cheaper than plexiglass but is a bit heavier. A bit of a challenge was the power module because i had to buy DC jacks and solder the wires to them . The "cooling system " was introduced later on when i noticed that some boards would get hot and i decided to buy some LED radiators ( from aluminium) which i paired with some Sunon fans ( 92mmx25mm @2600 rpm). At the moment there is no need to keep the fans on , the average temp for CPUs is around 30 degrees Celsius. I will let the pictures speak more about the miner. You you have questions please shoot.
[Image: IMG_20180401_161543.jpg] [Image: IMG_20180401_161711.jpg] [Image: IMG_20180401_161755.jpg] [Image: IMG_20180401_162228.jpg] [Image: IMG_20180401_162318.jpg] [Image: IMG_20180401_162510.jpg] [Image: IMG_20180401_162930.jpg] [Image: IMG_20180401_163617.jpg]
Hello everyone! I have successfully installed the sky miner, with eight raspberry pis 3B, which can run successfully. The picture For everyone to appreciate,If in doubt, you can contact my Email:, I will try to answer them, the last hope of the major network work as soon as possible.
poor English 
SKY Address:MRRXFskXHwR3EkMzCZ9ScDgZf4pNVfApcx

[Image: 986952062.jpg]         [Image: 1451591805.jpg]        [Image: 731432861.jpg]         [Image: 626776466.jpg]

Raspberry pi 3 Model B    x8
TP-Link TL-R1660+         x1
LRS-100-5V                    x1
SandDisk Ultra A1 16GB  x8
BOX 25cm*22cm*21cm x1

wired the raspberry pi's to the PSU

[Image: 1954138316.jpg]      [Image: 444.png]

run  successfully Cool 

I will be the first shameless one to claim the prize for The Most Ridiculous Skyminer. You can hardly deliver something worst than this:

Introducing, the Skyminer Necklace. The first solution for participating with nodes in a fashionable way. Forget about buying jewellery in Tiffany's or Swaroski: attach an Orange Pi to the neck of your loved ones and contribute building a better world wide web.

Disclaimer: Portability and thermal stability not warranted. Human female sold separately.

[Image: Skyminer_Necklace_v2.jpg]

[Image: Skyminer_Necklace.jpg]

Address: 2K26ippbPRonfBAPFfZrD4bP88xVgghx38C

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