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Jialee's Creative Design Skyminer Contest sponsored by Sky & SPO
(04-30-2018, 02:51 PM)gfxhero Wrote:
(04-30-2018, 01:08 AM)JiaLee Wrote: Alright guys, great entries! I'm loving them! To allow all our time zones to get in I'm going to let the entries come pouring in until I make post closing out the contest sometime after the 30th of April! So get in those entries! Hurry!

fyi @ mitjag that router/switch of yours is sexy af.

More pics/clarification on parts/process would go a long ways guys! There is an edit button at the bottom of your post you'll be able to utilize.

Thanks, I have been wondering about this today since I am currently at work and did not knew on which timezone will you close the subscriptions. In 4-5h I will also post mine, which is still early into the 30th where I live so hopefully I will be taken into account. BTW, wanted to ask if it's mandatory to post on reddit as well so to be considered "in" or this thread is enough. I will add it on reddit as well anyways but I wanted to know if I have more time for that or it needs to be on 30th also. Will also give a heads up on Telegram ofc. 

Yes, I received confirmation early on that submissions need to be here and on reddit /r/skytrader
[Image: IMG_20180430_214156.jpg]

It's the 30th of April in my country! (UK)

So I don't think this is late...

That is my raspberry pi skyminer decorated with Michael Rosen.
So guys, I am here to present to the last hour of the contest....the Captain of the Skyfleet... our one and only Luke SKYwalker. With a little bit of indulgence from all of you that are avid fans of the series because he is in the Millennium Falcon and not the X-Wing. I bought also the X-Wing but it's way to small we areSmile.
The story goes that I originally wanted to build a compact miner, to "hide" it in a corner somewhere but later on I realized that hiding in plain sight, disguised in a cool toy outfit, will work better for my place. 
For now, because I moved home recently, I am still waiting for the internet to be installed in the flat so I cannot provide the nodes addresses but I expect that in a week time it should be up and running.
Also, I was one of the noobs complaining in Telegram about the fact that technically, I have no idea to properly set up the software part but the community was supportive so I am confident that I will get proper help and it will run smoothly. 
The project needs more aesthetic work until I can call it "finished" for sure, like  upgrading the internal lights, adding cooling and more paint job but nevertheless it should be operational as per now. 
Painting the vintage figure of Skywalker in SKY colors was not the easiest job ever as I expected since it is quite small but somehow I managed to do what I envisioned. I wanted though to have the Skycoin logo on his helm but that area is really small to paint that kind of detail on. More techniques were used for ex. dry brushing for the used/metallic effect on the chest "computer".

Stripping it down, the items list goes this way:

Star Wars Hasbro Millennium Falcon Legacy Collection 2008 from EBAY 

Star Wars Vintage Kenner Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) dated from 1978, Hong Kong from EBAY

8 x Orange Pi Prime Boards

10 port USB Dock Charging Station with 108W

Netgear GS116UK Gigabit 16 Port Switch

8 x SanDisk Ultra 16GB microSDHC A1, Class 10, U1

8 x 0.25m CAT.6 Flat Ethernet Gigabit Lan Network Cables

8 x USB to 4.0/1.7mm DC plug 80cm (I would have loved to find shorter ones)

Some short led strips in blue that will get an upgrade

Model paints for the figure

Spacers/Standoff's M3x25mm + other


Things to be added/Improved:

Changing the actual foam boards base to acrylic laser cut pieces (just finished vectorizing the blueprints) 

Adding better internal lighting. The ship had already blue lights and movie sound effects but those were linked to the internal "piece" that I needed to get rid of. So, I will need to do some rewiring after everything is all set.

Adding internal cooling (plenty of space to do this and already some good ideas in mind Big Grin)

The final thing will be to repaint the whole ship and add some proper Skycoin branding on it, but this will take a lot of time to do so in case people like it I will post a "journal" of it along the way.


I hope the Skyfleet will like this as much as I did working on it. It really grew on me after I got the idea so after that it was only a "hunt for the right items" type of job. Quite time consuming I might add but enjoyable nevertheless. 
I know we are in the most initial stage of this project and I am glad I can be a part of it's growth. Like Luke we are rebels that want our freedom back so in this regard I think that the actual character that I chose fits the project more than I expected. Even if it does not become one of the unofficial symbols of the project, I still hope that it will take us all to the MOOOOON! Tongue

Goodluck everyone and please share your thoughts!

SKY Wallet:

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 4.jpg]

[Image: 5.jpg]

[Image: Luke.jpg]
[Image: 2_U_Skyminer_2.jpg]

Rackmount Miner - 2U, 15" depth 

- Rosewill 2U Server Chassis (qty: 1)
- EVGA 500 Watt 80 Plus ATX Power Supply (qty: 1)
- Electronics-Salon Panel Mount 12 Position Power Distribution Module Board (qty: 1)
- D-Link Systems 10-Port Gigabit Switch (qty: 1)
- RJ45 Copper SFP Transceiver Module, 1000Base-T (qty: 1)
- 40ft 18 Gauge 2pin Wire (qty: 1)
- 4.0mm x 0.7mm Male DC Power Connector, Solder Type, 10-pack (qty: 1)
- Uxcell Resistor, 5 Ohm 10 W, 2-pack (qty: 1)
- uxcell M3x25mm+6mm Male to Female Nylon Spacer, 100-pack (qty: 1)
- 6 inch (0.5 ft) Flat Ethernet Cable, 5-pack (qty: 2)
- Sandisk Ultra 16GB Micro SDHC (qty: 8)
- Orange Pi Prime (qty: 8)
- Shrink Tubing, Crimp Connectors, Cable Ties
Lots of great designs on here!  I previously posted a 4 board Skyminer for noobs that anyone should be able to build.  Here is my 8 board Cloud Miner, also built without the need to wire a PSU brick so that anyone could build it:

[Image: Dawd59z.jpg]

[Image: c4qjjpf.jpg]

[Image: 5ZjLPhA.jpg]

Supplies Used and Descriptions:

Orange PI Prime Boards
I purchased Orange Pi Prime boards.  Many DIY builds in the community are using different boards now since the Prime boards are hard to find at a reasonable price.  One benefit to using these boards is that this setup will most closely match the official miners and the official Skywire Linux images for these boards are available on GitHub.

Xentris Wireless 120W 10-Port Smart Charging Hub
This USB charging hub is the one I chose because I liked the design and it has sufficient power to run 8 boards.  You would need one that is at least 100W for 8 boards, and make sure each port is 2.4A.

5V USB to DC 4.0mm x 1.7mm Power Cables
These power cables are sufficient for the power to run the Orange PIs.  You could also order them from Ebay for cheaper although the shipping would likely be slower. 

Micro SD Cards
You will want to use fast Class 10 Micro SD cards.  16 GB is what the official miners come with.

40x M3 30mm Standoff Spacers
40 spacers is the exact amount of spacers I used in this setup.

TP-Link TL-WR1043N Gigabit Router
I purchased this gigabit router and it was pretty easy to flash OpenWRT onto it.  I ended up purchasing it from NewEgg.  Originally I ordered the product off of Amazon, but the version that they shipped me was actually the older version WR1043ND.  That version is also OpenWRT compatible, but I was looking for the newer and faster version of the router so I reordered from NewEgg.

This cheap switch can handle up to 7 devices, not including the incoming connection from the router.  Due to this, 7 boards are plugged into the switch and 1 of the boards is plugged into the router itself.  An alternative method would be to get an 8+1 port switch like the one referenced in other parts lists.

LAN Cables
You can use any short Cat 6 Ethernet cables.  I used these from the parts list that has floated around and got some in both 15cm and 25cm lengths.  You will need at least 9 (8 for the miners and one from the router to the switch).

The plexiglass was 6mm-thick (.25”) white/opaque plexiglass that I had sitting around. This looks pretty similar.  The size of the bottom sheet is around 150mm x 200mm (6” x 8”) and the top portions are the same size as the PIs. For the bottom sheet, I countersunk the holes so that the screw heads are recessed and don’t scratch the underlying surface. I used an electric belt sander to round the corners after cutting the sheets.

Those are the parts that I used to build the miner in the photos.  Hopefully this guide provides some additional insights on ways to set up a miner for anyone, especially if you don't want to manually wire a PSU brick!
(04-08-2018, 02:40 PM)noquedanmasnick Wrote: I will be the first shameless one to claim the prize for The Most Ridiculous Skyminer. You can hardly deliver something worst than this:

Introducing, the Skyminer Necklace. The first solution for participating with nodes in a fashionable way. Forget about buying jewellery in Tiffany's or Swaroski: attach an Orange Pi to the neck of your loved ones and contribute building a better world wide web.

Disclaimer: Portability and thermal stability not warranted. Human female sold separately.

[Image: Skyminer_Necklace_v2.jpg]

[Image: Skyminer_Necklace.jpg]

Address: 2K26ippbPRonfBAPFfZrD4bP88xVgghx38C

kek. love it. thats sweet. 
That's it folks! Competition has ended! I'll post the winners here once we have made our decisions! Thank you for your entries!
(05-02-2018, 05:00 AM)JiaLee Wrote: That's it folks! Competition has ended! I'll post the winners here once we have made our decisions! Thank you for your entries!

[Image: lPXKm.jpg]
(05-10-2018, 07:43 PM)noquedanmasnick Wrote:
(05-02-2018, 05:00 AM)JiaLee Wrote: That's it folks! Competition has ended! I'll post the winners here once we have made our decisions! Thank you for your entries!

[Image: lPXKm.jpg]

Patience is a virtue!
What a day it has been! With Skywire testnet officially launching in one week, Skyfleet is ready to take to the air!

For those of you who did not see the announcement, Skywire Testnet is Here!

Without further ado I will announce the winners of our contest!

Our 1st place winning spot for the Most Creative Skyminer goes to post #23 gfxhero's Millenium Falcon Build

Our 2nd place winning spot with the Most Ridiculous Skyminer, also goes to gfxhero for the same build lol. Congrats!

Winner for most compact 4-node build goes to post #13, congrats hex!

Winner for the most compact 8-node build goes to post #25, congrats windrip!

Honorable Mentions: 
FootballElixir wins 2 SKY for post #12 featuring his 7-node sopine build
hex wins 1 SKY for post #24 featuring his 2u build
Kenkoneous wins 1 SKY for post #14 featuring his clean, tight, and colorful build
Anto wins 1 SKY for post #16

Bonuses for best documentation:
1st: FootballElixir #12
2nd: mitjag #17
3rd: windrip #25

I'm sorry to say a few were disqualified for not following rules. Congrats to our winners! Contact me through pm with your address(es.)
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