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Jialee's Creative Design Skyminer Contest sponsored by Sky & SPO
(05-15-2018, 06:37 PM)JiaLee Wrote: What a day it has been! With Skywire testnet officially launching in one week, Skyfleet is ready to take to the air!

For those of you who did not see the announcement, Skywire Testnet is Here!

Without further ado I will announce the winners of our contest!

Our 1st place winning spot for the Most Creative Skyminer goes to post #23 gfxhero's Millenium Falcon Build

Our 2nd place winning spot with the Most Ridiculous Skyminer, also goes to gfxhero for the same build lol. Congrats!

Winner for most compact 4-node build goes to post #13, congrats hex!

Winner for the most compact 8-node build goes to post #25, congrats windrip!

Honorable Mentions: 
FootballElixir wins 2 SKY for post #12 featuring his 7-node sopine build
hex wins 1 SKY for post #24 featuring his 2u build
Kenkoneous wins 1 SKY for post #14 featuring his clean, tight, and colorful build
Anto wins 1 SKY for post #16

Bonuses for best documentation:
1st: FootballElixir #12
2nd: mitjag #17
3rd: windrip #25

I'm sorry to say a few were disqualified for not following rules. Congrats to our winners! Contact me through pm with your address(es.)

Thanks a lot guys for your appreciation, I feel so honored. 
Now, I cannot wait to fire up the engines for the testnet! 
Congrats to the  people that did DIY's, not only the winners, since I know how much work they put into building their miners.
Luke says "Thanks a lot!" btw! Smile)

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