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Coin Interview with Skycoin

Compliments Rogatus

Quotes and slight paraphrasing to make a bit more sense for readers, in order of what he was saying in the interview:

Motorised antennas possibly shipping within two months for skywire testing.

Everyone on testnet is whitelisted. Public key of official skywire miners added to a whitelist.

Only the best DIY miners will be added to the whitelist, if they cause issues they’ll be removed from whitelist.

We are whitelisting specific hardware and specific software for testing on testnet. Testnet aiming to be ready end of March.

You can earn in the testnet. Bandwidth is priced in coinhours.

Devs paying people in coinhours for running the testnet. Devs then have a pool of Skycoin to buy back the coinhours.

Accumulate coinhours and then cash them out into Skycoin. Testnet is for testing these pricing models.

Skywire is designed to be faster than the current internet, and Skywire has privacy features that the current internet doesn’t have.

If you’re running a node for Skywire, you don’t see the data and it’s contents. You only see the bits total being sent through your node. So you don’t need to worry about forwarding illegal data, as you can’t see it and you’re therefore not liable. Only the sender and the receiver know what they’re communicating.

You can choose to unsubscribe from nodes that you think are running illegal content. You also only replicate the data that you want on your computer, like your friends’ feeds.

End to end encryption protects nodes passing on data, they have no liability as they can’t see what the data is.

The more uses and projects, like Kitty Cash, we have running and using Skycoin Hours the more valuable Skycoin will become. We believe video games will be the next trillion dollar industry on the blockchain.

At Skycoin we give every application it’s own blockchain, so if one application becomes popular then it doesn’t shut down the other applications by congesting the network.

Kitty Cash is going to be massive, we’re gonna have 30 developers on it.

We are making our own hardware wallet around $10-15, to store all skyledger coins and top 20 coins.

Second gen official miners will use our custom OpenWRT router. Then we will attach the antennas. Then we will look at storage capabilities for companies like Spaco (now called Spo).

Rewards for skywire miners will vary. We will reward whitelisted DIY miners on the testnet for testing specific hardware configurations.

People who got an official Miner, bought it with 1BTC and got a bunch of Skycoin as rebate, we are going to make sure they get a lot of rewards of course.

I think everyone that is in before the 6000th or 10,000th Miner is gonna be baller.

I looked at the formula for how many coins we have allocated for the first year of distribution, and how many miners we currently have in the queue, and the miner reward is going to be obscene (extremely high) coming from the developer wallet.

To properly scale the network, all of the DIY miners will get whitelisted and will eventually get the same rewards.

The mining rewards are so obscene that no engineering cost should be spared.

We are going to make sure that the miners we ship (are the best), and we are going to continually upgrade them. (Inferring that at some point DIY miners will not be able to have the same performance as Official miners due to the custom and dedicated hardware).

DIY miners will get rewards but it is based on its performance.

Mining is going to update very rapidly and people are going to have to constantly upgrade their equipment to get higher rewards.

The whitelist of the nodes/miners will allow us to make sure the network scales at a rate that doesn’t cause it too collapse if the network gets overloaded.

One of the uses of Skywire is the fastest VPN that has ever existed on Earth.

In terms of bandwidth, you’re going to hit the limits of what your hardware can decide before you hit the limits of what Skywire can provide.

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