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Skycoin Collectable coins
Hello everyone! 

Together with 3 friends we launched a successful Kickstarter project to make limited edition physical collectable Skycoin coins. You might have seen it appearing on some of Skycoin’s Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or Reddit in the last month. 

Because we still have massive interest from the community, we decided to open up a webshop after the Kickstarter project ( Via Coinbase Commerce we were able to receive crypto payments. The only downside is that we only have three options of Crypto payments, being BTC, ETH and LTC..

Skycoin is by far the best project out there, and our community consists of true Skycoin believers. 
It would be more than normal to have people pay in Skycoin as well. 
We are looking to implement a Skycoin button or payment system on our webshop, but we need your help to accomplish this. 
If anyone has any information on how to do this, please go to our Official Telegram channel ( so we can discuss options. 

It would be awesome to give Skycoin another use case by enabling direct payments. Please help us by spreading the word. We, the Skycoin community, can make this happen! 

Thank you in advance! 

Best regards,

Jules - Louis - Thomas - Stephanie

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