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Skycoin Collectable coins, Webshop is open!
Message to all Skyfleet members, 

A month ago the four of us came up with the idea of making physical collectable coins depicting our favourite cryptocurrency project: Skycoin. 
We reached out to the developers and they were as excited as us! 
Thus with their support, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to mint Physical Skycoin Collectable Coins. 

The community welcomed us with open arms and with their support we were able to reach our funding goal in just a few days. The Kickstarter campaign has since been funded successfully by 104 backers who even unlocked several stretch goals!
We are now patiently waiting to receive your pledges from Kickstarter. This process normally takes up to two weeks and production will start when all pledges are wired. 

Since the Skycoin community is so large we were not able to reach the majority of people. As a result, we got a lot of requests on the last day to extend our Kickstarter campaign period. This was not possible however and thus we decided to launch a temporary webshop until all Kickstarter pledges are wired to us from Kickstarter.
The web shop can be found at this link:
As this webshop is an extension of our Kickstarter campaign we thought it was fair to our early pledges to keep the stretch goals running while the webshop is open. 
The closing date of the webshop is set at the 28th of May. 
The total pledged amount raised on Kickstarter and the money raised on the webshop will be added together and the full amount will be used to check which stretch goals are unlocked.

As of now the 7.5k and 10k stretch goals have been reached, unlocking the plastic coin capsule and luxurious satin coin pouch respectively. Below you will find the other stretch goals that can be unlocked over the course of two weeks, with the end date on the 28th of May.

Stretch Goals
€ 7,500 - UNLOCKED - All coins will be delivered in plastic flip cases preventing coins from becoming damaged by protecting it from outside contaminants while allowing the coin to be viewed through transparent plastic.
€ 10,000 - UNLOCKED - Each coin will have a Luxurious Coin Pouch consisting of a velvet outer layer, gold metal capped laces and a satin inner layer to store all your precious coins like a true Collector. 
€ 15,000 - Locked - All pledges will receive a Free Mystery Gift.
Sell 10 Obelisk or more - Locked - There will be a physical Skycoin coin embedded in the top of the obelisk. (instead of the laser engraved one)
€ 25,000 - Locked - silver ticket will be hidden in one of the coin pouches, giving each pledger a chance to win his or her own Fine Silver (99,9%) coin of 1 troy ounce (31,1 grams).
€ 60,000 - Locked - golden ticket will be hidden in one of the coin pouches, giving each pledger a chance to win his or her own 24 karat Gold (99,9%) coin of 1 troy ounce (31,1 grams).

All coins will be produced in one large batch and will never be minted again. The coins are limited edition and each collection will consist of only 20 coins for the Pure Gold (99.9%) collection, 100 coins for the Pure Silver (99.9%) collection, and 2500 coins for the Gold Plated 18K collection.

You can choose from a range of products:
  • 18k Gold plated collectable coin in different amounts
  • An 11 inches tall Crystal glass Obelisk. A tribute to the consensus algorithm
  • One Pure silver (99.9%) Skycoin collectable coin
  • One 24k Gold (99.9%) Skycoin collectable coin

Each coin will receive a unique randomly generated code that will be coupled to our database. If you would ever plan to resell or buy this coin, the unique code must be sold together with the coin.
To thank the Skycoin developers for their support, each of them will receive their own coin.

Best regards,
Jules - Louis - Thomas - Stephanie

PS: Join our Official Telegram channel for any questions, ideas or just small talk with other collectors  (

[Image: 1804_Meloo_115.jpg]
[Image: 1804_Meloo_100.jpg]


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