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Connect to node: Fail
Hello everybody,
after the update of few days ago i update all my node and tried to connect to other nodes.
But every time that i try to do it, i receve the error in the pictures below.

Whatever node it is, every time the same error.

[2018-05-25 11:25:01] Discovery(034b1cd4ebad163e457fb805b3ba43779958bba49f2c5e1e8b062482904bacdb68):
Building connection from node 03eab1f0e261845a3e62a47008b5b6ef2424ceaa9a3eb3039dfedf94f8f746ffb7 app
021c29c5d15f9a02909d9c359d300cd5a27ed896598d23998967d92ad16f335f73 to node
0250369ee676129577edda47731e0f46bdcd94294826fe3b0d046243992cbbca4c app
[2018-05-25 11:25:30] Timeout
[2018-05-25 11:25:30] Discovery(034b1cd4ebad163e457fb805b3ba43779958bba49f2c5e1e8b062482904bacdb68): Transport closed

I guess my configuration is ok..

i've tried on two different internet line and different openWRT routers

Any ideas on how to fix it?

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Check your firewall!

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