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Configure Skywire Node on Ubuntu Server
(02-07-2018, 11:31 PM)edoardocoen Wrote: I'm on the boat too, now. I'm very exited. This post was very helpfull for me, thank you a lot!!!

But I have a question. In my skywire monitor the situation is this
[Image: skywire.jpg]

is it normal? It shows "started", not "send" and "recv"

That's normal. Now click the label or anywhere on that line to be taken to the node management page
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  • edoardocoen
(01-29-2018, 05:45 PM)Soutron Wrote: Great write up, thanks! I had trouble on the linux wallet section - I could not alter the IP to change it to my own IP any idea what I was doing wrong?

Also, how will we link our nodes to our wallet to collect coin rewards once main net is running?

Last thing - I was doing this via ssh on terminal so couldnt view in a browser, would that matter?

Thanks again,


As explained in the tutorial, it isn't possible to connect to the wallet from an external computer unless you update the script

The skywire node should work fine after configuring it from an ssh terminal. After running the manager and node commands, open a browser to your server IP and port
so i success set up a skywire..

but i am not in develop list ,,how can i change the address?

...and then ..

although the testnet is not working ..can i use it as a ssh tunnel now ?
(01-09-2018, 06:51 AM)skyguy Wrote:
(01-09-2018, 06:43 AM)JayBee Wrote: Ive never used linux before, but want to reformat my laptop and use it as a node once skywire is up and running until the parts list for skyminer v2 is out. Is there any specific version of linux i should install? Also, if i want to dual boot into windows is there a specific order i have to install it in?

You've made a wise decision  Wink

Make two partitions and install windows first. After finishing the windows setup, install Ubuntu (I personally use Ubuntu 16.04)

Here is a good guide for dual booting Windows and Ubuntu

go with virtual computer...
Start and shutdown scripts added to original post
Thanks Skyguy!  I did have some questions when going through this guide:

Quote:sudo apt-get install -y curl git mercurial make binutils gcc bzr bison libgmp3-dev screen gcc build-essential

Could you give a brief summary of the impact/benefits of this command?  I used your guide on one install as well as another guide that doesn't have this on another install and the text outputs when running Skycoin are quite different (this seems to cause timestamps to be printed out, etc?).

Quote:curl -sS > go$GOV.linux-amd64.tar.gz

My understanding at this point is that this isn't the GO version that's needed for an ARM 64 bit board.  For Orange PI Boards, I ended up using instead. 
start script and system files updated with latest discovery address. Check first post
I'm trying to install your scripts to autoboot but i can t manage to make them work. I set up on my orange pis the pure image from the github (i'm a lazy guy!!) and i made the update with the new version of skywire. Could it be a problem coming from the version of debian used in this image that prevents me to run your script?
I'm looking for a guide that helps me set up a node on a linux device that's NOT an orange pi or rpi.
Is this suitable? if not where should i go to?
appreciate all the efforts, maties!
Question: is there a way to keep the node running even after shutting down the computer that's used to launch and run Putty?

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