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The rewards for the first month of whitelisted participants is out!
This comes as two fold news:

For everyone who got a whitelisted email you should check your wallets and see if you got rewarded
Quote:The rewards for every whitelisted participant in the Skywire testnet have been sent, check your wallets please.

We decided to reward on a node to node basis, meaning that even if your overall uptime didn't surpass the 75% threshold you still have been rewarded for the subset of your nodes that did surpass it.

There have been some issues with reward rollout, so if you have not been rewarded what you are due please hold out for a little while longer.

Quote:Please excuse the recent complications that happened with distributing the rewards.
We are aware of this issue and are already working on a fix.
The remaining rewards will be send out as soon as possible, scheduled within 24h.

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