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Pine A64 DIY Miner
The Pine A64 Mini PC matches the spec of the skyminer orange pi prime boards (64Bit Quad-core CPU with 2GB RAM). They cost $32 a board ($40 with a case) and work perfectly as a DIY miner. I've personally built a pine miner and are really happy with the build quality and performance. A big thanks to Christian Ott for suggesting them

To assist the community, I've created some Armbian images (below) which will help to quickly configure a 1 to 8 node miner. All images have the latest skywire version installed and all nodes have scripts that autostart at boot and connect to the monitor node


Mini-PC Board


Power cable

5V 2A USB wall charger required per board. For multiple boards, a powerful USB charging station is required

If you want to build something that matches the official skyminer, buy a clusterboard with 7x A64 modules and an extra Pine A64 mini-pc board


Clusterboard Power Supply - also supports an ATX PSU

A64 Modules

Mini ITX case

16GB MicroSD cards required for each module / board

Pre-configured A64 skywire images 

(Use 7zip or winrar to extract the .img files and Win32DiskImager to flash them to the sd card)

**These images are for the Pine A64 LTS Mini-PC board and Sopine Module. Default root password is armbian1234

Monitor Node (
Node 1 (
Node 2 (
Node 3 (
Node 4 (
Node 5 (
Node 6 (
Node 7 (

Pine A64 Board

[Image: PINEA64_LTS_sideimg.jpg]

Pine A64 Sopine Module

[Image: SOPINE_A64_Module.jpg]

Pine Clusterboard 

[Image: PINEA64-Cluster-Board.jpg]
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savage work really good stuff! with custom images and all. Love it
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so the advantage to this set up is the lack of ethernet hardware? or is there something i am missing
(08-15-2018, 04:16 AM)boatman Wrote: so the advantage to this set up is the lack of ethernet hardware? or is there something i am missing

You will still need a router. The pre-configured images automate the process of installing and configuring skywire
forgive me if already answered but is this approved for testnet?
(10-05-2018, 07:53 AM)incadar Wrote: forgive me if already answered but is this approved for testnet?

Yes. Load images, take some pics of your rig, apply for whitelisting   Cool
ok cheers

im running this in Thailand , would you recommend adding your heatsinks or just a good fan enclosure?
Some questions:

1. If you have a router with two available ports you should be able to connect the pine 64 monitor node and so pine cluster module to it without the additional switch?
2. If I compare the cost and assembly of this setup to orange pi (or similar) this setup seems to be much simpler en costs less. Am I correct?
3. Except from inserting the modules into the cluster boards this setup does not require much extra assembly?
yes on the router
i think cost is about the same if you take cluster board into account
took me 15mins to assemble in a old mini-itx case i had, much easier as only 2 power supplies and no switch needed, just standard router

hope that helps

The build of Christian ott does not contain the extra pine 64 monitor, he probably sacrificed his seventh module for this. It's probably possible to insert the monitor node sd card into the first pine and leave the last one out? This would be a more compact build in a atx case and would not include an extra external pine box. Would you recommend such a build or are there downsides?

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