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Skywire Hardware
Hi everybody,

Is there a place where I can find out about the different hardware projects that are being developed and their current status?

The reason I am asking is because I have become very interested in the Skywire/Skycoin vision and I think it has a lot of promise. I work in a company that does telematics units for automotive and one of my friends/colleagues there is a very good hardware designer. We have discussed what is needed for a cheap and scalable Skywire node and we have come up with a design that we think will fulfill all of the requirements while still being cheap.

It consists of a motherboard with:
 - one control CPU with RAM and flash memory
 - one integrated router chip
 - WiFi/Bluetooth chip
 - several (up to 8) DIMM holders where you can plug in Raspberry Pi Computer Modules, each containing a quad-core CPU, RAM and soldered flash.

The cheapest node would be only the motherboard and an antenna, and the most advanced one being the motherboard + 8 RPi computer modules, which would be very similar to the official Skycoin Miner, but much cheaper.

We have a small company together on the side from our day jobs and we have great contacts from our employer with certification authorities around the globe, so we think that we can pull this off in ~6 months for a prototype and ~1 year for the finished product. 

It would be awesome if this could be sanctioned by the Skycoin project. But we don't want to do it if there are already other projects along the same line which are much further ahead.

But first we would like to see the full list of requirements for a Skywire Node.  Is there such a list anywhere?

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