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Orange Pi PC2 H5 Network Issue
Hi guys

I I built a skyminer using a less popular board - Orange Pi PC2 H5 boards

I loaded them with Armbian and I meshed together 2 diff how to guides

I have 5 nodes running and they were whitelisted. I started off with an 8 node build but I ordered the boards from ali express and there have been multiple issues with some of them. Some work sometimes and there are 2 that were dad on delivery. I ran the 5 for about a week then had to move my rig to another room. I turned off the rig and moved both my modem/router and the rig. I plugged them up and had some issues with some boards turning on. I cut the power and turned them back on again and got one board that I thought was dead, to turn back on. Then the manager node wasnt coming on.

Long story short, I just switched some of the sd cards around to what boards were working at the time. I now actually have 6 board working but only 5 have been set up to run skywire.

When I type in my IP address followed by ":8000", the "8000" is grayed out and wont connect to the sky website to show my node activity and status (it previously worked before)

Also when I ping the nodes when my vpn is on (installed on my laptop only) it works. BUT when my vpn is turned off, I am unable to ping any of them. You would think that would be backwards!

The other strange thing is that my nodes are up and running on testnet when I check my public keys on
I just cant seem to connect to where you put in "my IP address of the gateway node:8000"

I did try port forwarding to 8000 but not quite sure exactly how to do that. Maybe I did it wrong but that doesnt work. And I can see all the nodes when I sign in to my routers settings page.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.  Not sure what got changed when I moved the rig. Im thinking something happened to the manager node settings somewhere.

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