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Skywire DIY RasperryPI 3 Model B + Tutorial sd card flash on Windows Vsta
Hi folk, I'm giving you simple guide of how to install Skywire image on Raspberry Pi 3 modelB+ on Windows Vista.

Since I had trouble finding reliable software to flash image on sd card threw Windows Vista while Win32 disk imager and Etcher works only on Windows 7 and above we have solution for those above 7.

Takes quit time for whole process so be patient.

1(*). Download
pre-configured Raspian-skywire image from
                  - 879MB - Test Net Ready
       - Go, Git and Skywire pre-installed.
       - Skywire auto start scripts (attached below for reference)
       - Easy setup for any number of nodes (8, 16, 44, 128...).

2. Download
               - 1MB
3. Extract img file from zip from (1*)

4. Open Rufus insert sd card with adapter if neccessary (I choosen 16gb Kingston class 10 - ~3usd)
  - wait in label sd card to be recgonized and than below in format options where checkbox 'create a bootable disk using' choose in dropdown 'DD image' && right to it click on disk icon and find/submit iso image)
thats all you have to do in Rufus

5. click start, than OK for confirmation that everything from Sd card will be erased. Sit back may take for aprox. half to an hour to complete full write. After that, you if needed, same again for other nodes.

[Image: 20190201-110546.jpg]

6. After that pleawe Follow this thread to continue

Crypto bless you.s
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