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Skywire London/UK
Hi all,

Just wanted to reach out to all the forum members who want to discuss all things Skycoin related for people in London and UK in general.

I have already set up a telegram which may be more for chats:

Perhaps this forum/thread is a good place to link/save particular documents/links etc.

The purpose of this group is to share all things Skycoin, Skywire etc, with the aim to help build the community in London and the UK in general.

In time we will post UK specific suppliers for Skyminer parts, trusted nodes, banter, and anything we deem insightful.

Looking forward to connecting in London & UK and please do all join the telegram as well!

Hi all,

I made a short video tutorial for everyone that wants to setup a Skywire node on Mac:

Please have a look and we can discuss further in the forums or on this thread if anyone needs more help:

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  • skyguy
Hi all,

Here is the Official Skycoin/Skywire Miner Assembly video:

Have kept it simple, and have included the latest assembly guide images next to the timelapse of the real components being assembled to hopefully provide clarity.

Hope this shows this is a proper project, with real hardware, and that it also helps everyone setup their node and get up and running for the testnet.

Any questions please message me directly or in the chats.

I am in need of help.
Just bought myself all I thought i needed for a 4 node DIY miner. (4 Rasp Pi 3B+, cables, TP-Link TL-SG1005D Gigabit Switch).
Ive connected it all up and flashed the 32gb SD cards with the testnet ready setup put on another forum on here.

Plugged it all in thru my Virginmedia broadband Superb 3.

When i have the first node plugged in it seems to work ok but as soon as i have the second i cannot connect to any node thru terminal on my mac.

I am thinking this may be down to the switch not being the correct one? I have tried plugging 3 of the nodes straight into the router but it doesn't recognise the 2nd and 3rd?

Any ideas?
Hi there,

Can you browse the web page of the Virgin Device to see if it displays any information about those 2nd and 3rd Rasp PIs that you have connected directly to it. The router should display info on anything wired or wireless connected.

Do the 2nd and 3rd Rapsberry Pis work ok on their own when connected to the router or switch?

The switch seems fine as its smart enough to figure out what input port is used by the Virgin router.
Put myself on the mailing list for whenever they are ready to accept new nodes on the network.

From my understanding it doesnt require expensive hardware cooled by a nearby stream, powered by solar power to be useful?

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