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Skywire Packages for Debian / Armbian & Archlinux
It's now easier than ever to install your favorite skycoin software on debian / armbian / raspbian & archlinux.

Debian / Armbian / Raspbian packages may be found here:

This package can be installed without disrupting any previous skywire installation that might exist on your board.

These packages were created on orange pi prime and have also been tested on RPi.

Here is an example of installing the latest skywire testnet package; using wget to fetch the package (wget is not installed by default)

sudo apt-get install wget
sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite skywire-20190505-1-arm64.deb

To run skywire manager & node:

Run skywire node with default manager IP:

If you wish to use a different ip address for the manager; simply edit the script at

The system.d service files work and their names have not been changed.

These packages are updated regularly.

If you are using archlinux or archlinuxarm; you can cleanly build and install any package with yay -S <package_name>

Refer to the AUR or skyfleet github for a list of available packages.

questions or feedback are welcome at:
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