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We migrated the discovery node and currently we are running some tests so that everything is working as expected.

We need everyone to pay attention to this announcement and the others that will follow as we will ask everyone to switch to the new discovery node after the tests are done.

Shortly after this the whitelisting system will also be available on for registration.

We ask again for your patience and understanding in this migration process .
Thank you!!!

Please join @SkywirePSA to get the latest announcements as we will keep you updated through this channel!!!
Shortly the switch to the new discovery node, (which I didn't know about) my percentage of uptime on the whitelist started falling. I guess because you switched to the new node... and I didn't?? I was paid like everyone else because of the downtime. Now, at the start of the new month, all my miners are showing N/A on whitelist. What do I have to do? I've done the usual restarts to now avail. I guess I missed some messages along the way??? Please tell me what I need to do.
Larry Burdick
See here for new discovery address details ->

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